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Posted by Ptah on 06/05

There's a lot, but a lot of stuff above, so I'm just starting a new thread. :P - Can we make bandages into rolls of bandages with multiple uses? Or make them weightless? This actually raises the larger issue of weights. Hunter Rose, before he went inactive, had code done that simply reduced the weight scale to something more reasonable, allowing us to make bandages weigh 1/10th of what they do now. I'd rather have a comprehensive solution like that, but don't particularly mind making bandages weightless as an interim solution. Then again, once the interim ended, everyone would yell at us for making bandages weigh 1/10 of what they do now, instead of leaving them weightless. :) - Area effect spells should have a check for newbies in them! Heh, this is a very old issue. When I originally made the area effect spells, I felt that they should damage EVERYONE in the room, because you can't really target an earthquake, or have a large exploding firebal somehow avoid every third person in the room. But this created lots of problems with clanned/unclanned boundaries, and so spells began to be changed piecemeal into obeying clan rules in doing area effect damage. And then people started saying, well, then it shouldn't damage your group either... So now people want them to not affect newbies. Since newbies are by definition unclanned, I think that most area spells already fail to affect them. Please let us know of any that do hit newbies anyway. On the other hand, I wish area effect spells were still area effect, instead of multitarget smart missiles. :) - "Stop screwing up the mud! It was a lot of fun before you started to so that!!!" Except that there's never been a time when we WEREN'T changing something I guess I have real trouble understanding this complaint, in some ways. Particularly recently, the changes have all been of a sort that seemed utterly uncontroversial: adding nice new spells, adding new areas and new quests, adding new socials, making corpses save over reboots, and adding nifty frills like AFK and a board editor. Yes, there have been bobbles with some of these, but by and large, I really don't know what there is to complain about with them. I suspect a lot of the unease has to do with the coming combat changes, since combat is everyone's basic activity. We've been through a change of this magnitude before, and there was just as much concern before it happened too. It was when we added multiple attacks and weapon profs. The bad news is that at first, it was a total disaster. Nothing worked, everything was thoroughly out of balance, and characters were ruined. The good news is that once we finished up the testing, it worked pretty well, well enough that now people are very concerned about our ruining it... so the best I can say is this: we HAVE done this before, and it came out pretty good; and we WILL keep tweaking until it works right. And that means we will keep tweaking until con does NOT rule, as you all fear. - "If you don't like it, leave." I certainly don't like giving this answer. Sometimes, I DO think, it is correct. Whether or not it is correct is up for the individual player to judge. And I don't think there's much more to say about THAT. Are we going to make the changes anyway? Deny the Will of the People? Yes, in that we plan to keep improving the system for our own amusement and enjoyment, and hope to keep doing it for your enjoyment as well. But our goals in design and yours in play may not always coincide. Just as I said to those who wished to play exclusively in playerkilling, sometimes another place is better suited for what you enjoy most. I've even recommended places to players who did not find exactly what they were looking for here. Do you have input? Of course. Will we always follow it? Bah, that's WAY too much to expect of ANY sort of relationship, much less a mud. :) Will we even always have time to answer? or the desire to? No. But we can try, and we do try. CONTINUED NEXT APPEND.

From: Ptah Saturday, May 31, 09:20PM

- Regarding Egami's description I've traded emails with him, and it does sound like a misunderstanding on the immorts' part. So I'll be seeing what we can do. Not exactly something that merits taking up as a cause, however. :) - "Now, if this was a FUN mud, nobody would care what your description was." Uh, a lot of us, Isamu, feel that descriptions ARE fun. I'm sorry if you do not. That is why they are optional. - Legend has gotten too strict! Too many rules! Well, the reason why we've gained the written rules was because many complained about vagueness and bias in dealing with a system where there were no rules. Hence we added the player code of conduct. By and large, I haven't seen anyone object to it. Certainly most everything in there is pretty obvious, in my opinion. As far as the total of +5 stats--that has been a building rule for 2 1/2 years, as Rufus noted. The fact that items slipped through does not mean the immorts were out to get you. Lastly, for the weapons changing... well, you are all very worried about the new system working properly. About balance actually being there. About one type of character being too powerful or too wimpy. So let me state it flatly... I am sorry that we are going to change your weapons on you. But the system won't work unless we do. And you want the system to work, don't you? - Bring back auction! We will, when we have time. I have to go now, but will post further on more of these topics tomorrow. -Ptah

From: Albion Sunday, June 01, 04:40PM

Concerning the afk message: I was on a mud once that put afk in your desc. Like "Albion is here AFK" when you come in the room. Dunno what problems it might cause. I can see lots of clanned people getting ticked cuz they got attacked with that message but that's what OOC is for. Anyway, that's my penny's worth of thought. Albion

From: Shalleigh Thursday, June 05, 12:51AM

I dont know about all the changes, I havent said alot yet: why? Because their not fully in..I admit I dont like the way some of it SOUNDS right now..but until its fully in and fully tweaked why not give the imorts a break and try to have patiences until they're done..THEN jump..-=G=- Just my two cents for a penny


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