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Posted by Tancred on 06/07

Hmm... Just explained to three newbies why they'd lost all by typing quit y last time they were here - and meanwhile - two others managed to quit y next to me. Is it possible to get a SUPER SIZED warning against it in the newbie introductory screen, or something? -tired of explaining it and comforting naked newbies- Tancred of Nottingham

From: Lust Sunday, June 01, 02:30PM

Yeah, a lot of muds have a warning when you try to quit y like 'Are you SURE you want to do that? You will not come back into the game with your stuff.' etc, maybe add to that sentence '...if you wish to play the game again, you must rent.'

From: Gargamel Sunday, June 01, 02:47PM

From: Ptah Monday, June 02, 11:15AM

Well, the weird thing is that the command is "QUIT" and it gives a nice big warning when you type quit by itself. Am I missing something? If they were newbies, how did they know to jump straight to quit ? -Ptah

From: Ithalasa Monday, June 02, 01:55PM

Because some not-nice people say on chat that to rent or leave, you have to quit y. I'm fairly certain some people send tells rather than chat it which is why no one's able to correct it. Before anyone can get the appropriate answer through, the newbie has just quit. Either that, or faced with a number of choices, they must choose one, and that one might be the inappropriate one.

From: Tancred Monday, June 02, 03:33PM

What Ithalasa says is true, but there's more to it. When you skip through 20 muds, trying to find one you may want to come back to, you quit y - because that's what you do in computer games... They forget, they get misinformed, they are plain not very bright, they are confused, and they're - well - as hopelessly goatbrained as we all were when we were newbies ourselves. I just thought it'd be nice with some SUPER warning to cut down a bit on the tears in this respect, particularly if it's no major problem to code :) Tancred

From: Shane Monday, June 02, 11:49PM

Tancred maybe you can get some of those naked newbies to join you in your dancing around Beltane's fires. Shane

From: Ptah Tuesday, June 03, 03:35PM

What if we change it from quit y to something else, quit absolutelyforsure or some junk like that? Would that solve the problem you are mentioning? -Ptah

From: Shalleigh Thursday, June 05, 12:44AM

How about Quit definetlyforsurenodoubtrightNOW??? But seriously, I use to play on another mudd and quit y was followed by: "Are you sure? You will be penalized for this?" Maybe adding a line like that???? Just a thought...

From: Tancred Thursday, June 05, 03:25PM

Quit AreYouFreakingAHundredPercentCertainYouReallyWannaDoThis? sounds -grin-... The concept isn't all wrong, though. Maybe a full screen sized warning, like the ones we currently have on the MOTD? In my experience, people ignore short messages after quit - because they're "always there, and, yeah, I wanna quit" - so effectively, the message isn't read. Something so incredibly, silly big as a full screen would reach out from the monitor, grab you by the collar, and scream "DO YOU WANT TO LOSE ALL YOUR STUFF?" at you so loud you couldn't really ignore it :)

From: Siegfried Friday, June 06, 01:08AM

How about 'quit YesIRealizeI'mGonnaLoseAllMyEquipmentByQuittingThisWay'

From: Lust Saturday, June 07, 03:01AM

Why not make the message you receive after typing quit y 'Are you sure you want to quit? You will lose all your things' and prompt them with 'You must type YES to quit'. That doesn't seem so hard to impliment and would give them a valid warning they would understand.

From: Lust Saturday, June 07, 03:02AM



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