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*sniff* bags

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Posted by Tancred on 06/05

I seem to recall that at some point, the contents of bags very conveniently autosorted themselves. Whatever became of that? I quite liked it - my current herb collection spams me linkdead half the time I do an examine ... ;) Tancred of Nottingham

From: Gail Monday, June 02, 11:27AM

There were some complaints about some items not sorting, and my fix didn't quite work. I think I've got a fully working version around here somewhere. it'll be fixed soonish :)

From: Tank Monday, June 02, 02:23PM

fixed soonish, I like that :P Tank

From: Tancred Monday, June 02, 03:35PM

-beam- I shall instantly cease whining about it, then! :)

From: Kaige Thursday, June 05, 09:34AM

typing screenlen followed by a number should also help with your bag spamming your link. =) -Kaige


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