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Posted by Fenris on 06/04

Hey builders/coders, It would be nice to have a command available for clan GM's which would all them to pull a list of their members. Reason being, for example, I have tw clanmates who I have never seen online, but may still be active in some capacity when it comes to voting on clan decisions, I need to know who is active so we can determine when a majority is reached. Additionally, there is no way that I know of to tell when a member leaves your clan short of being on when they are and asking them... This isn't anything real important, would just be helpful in trying to 0 our clans. I don't have any idea what coding would be involved and I know you're all swamped with the combat changes, but perhaps somethi to put on the "to-do-someday" list.. :) Thanks a bunch Fenris, Guildmaster of the Shotokai

From: Ptah Wednesday, June 04, 12:21PM

Kaige and I recently worked up a design for clans that does basically that along with lots of other stuff. It is still very very much up in the air, however, and not yet ready for prime time, much less for implementation.

From: Tancred Wednesday, June 04, 01:07PM

That sounds really good... Do we roleplay clans - i.e., not pkill enabled clans - get access to those commands, too? -hopeful- Tancred of Nottingham

From: Ptah Wednesday, June 04, 05:37PM

Under the system we were proposing, there was no difference between rp and pk clans except pk-enabling members automatically. But i don't want to go into too much detail until it's sorted out better. -Ptah


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