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Magic changes for Create

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Posted by Ulric on 06/09

Heres just some 3rd circle create magic changes that I noticed, and the only comments I have on them.... Summon greater: is a great spell, actually makes a good mob, but... I think its ridiculous that the demon starts off with 200 hp's and has to heal up to his quota, even though hes timed. I end up healing him until hes at quota, kill maybe 2 big mobs with him, then he poofs.. maybe he should last longer, or he should be summoned at full health. Create object: is a neat spell, but 100 mana? thats silly.. I realize the rentable newbie eq is nice, but you can forge a sword for a few hp's, which is hardly worth 100 mana. I'll never use this spell unless the mana cost is lowered, to at least around 60. that would make more sense in my opinion. Wall of Thorns: I used this spell and attacked a level 10 mob, with no weapon. I didnt notice anything cept me missing my one attack... my ac didnt go down 5, or anything.... maybe it doesnt work yet? just some thoughts... -Lord Ulric

From: Lethargio Thursday, June 05, 03:35AM

for the summon greater spell: maybe if you start off with full health it would be too powerful of a spell? i mean its like just making a new doppel, only thing that it can actually fight. Maybe it was designed for only a 1 or 2 time use? (I mean in pkill you could just make a guy and use to attack, which would put the opponent at a large disadvantage if it can be used at any time thats what I think, anyhow Leth

From: Krempt Friday, June 06, 05:11AM

I dont think you _can_ use them to attack players can yah?

From: Ulric Monday, June 09, 07:06AM

the demon is hardly too powerful, he does kill mobs of around the same level as him, but that should be expected.. shouldnt it? As for pkill, if you've ever had a mage character leth, you'd know how hard it is to order around a dopple to do even easy things, I can hardly imagine in pkill having to order the stupid thing around..

From: Beam Monday, June 09, 12:12PM

mud i play warrior type charmies attempt to rescue you, very level dependa skill there.


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