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Recall too powerfull ?

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Posted by RigorMortis on 06/08

For once there was a 'conversation' about recall a few days ago. For a change it was constructive and i was told to post here about my idea regarding the change in the spell. I see posting any ideas about said changes pointless, because regardless of what i say doesnt matter .. Anyways my complaint is that Cause is not very powerfull anymore, create seems to be the defacto now, and the only reason i picked cause was of the recall spell, nuthing more .. personally i think the cost of he spell was too pricy before he changes, and now that it fails continually, is even more stupid, why not make it a bit more mana to cast instead of trying to recode the spell If anyone else could please make heads or tails of what im saying please make it more clear ... thanks RigorMortis

From: Sabella Friday, June 06, 04:16PM

If I remember correctly (correct if I'm wrong please :), you also suggested that the price of recall potions be looked at as you felt they are unbalancing when considering the new failure rate of the spell. (Did you say it would serve you better to carry a potion even though you can cast the spell? In any case, I felt it was a valid point :) Something I didn't know at the time, but at least some of the failures might have been due to a bug with the spell learn rate thing that went in at the beginning of the test period. This bug has since been fixed (I believe/hope), so if you were experiencing a lot of difficulty/ excessive failure rate when casting, please try again and see if it's better now :). This complicated the recall issue, which may not be near as bad as it seems. On another note: I'd like to see lots more discussion during the testing phrase (rather than the suggestion I saw somewhere to wait til it's all fixed). You're finding out what's wrong for us so we need those complaints gripes, whines, and whatever else you have to offer about the system as it stands now. The more constructive the criticism, the better of course, but this is a situation where even just "You ruined it, I can't kill anything anymore" is helpful to let us know that it's still too hard. A couple of major fixes have gone in already, so we might ask that you try again and see if it's any better. But please, post, and the people doing the work (and me, chattering as normal) ARE listening :). Sabella

From: Sabella Friday, June 06, 04:52PM

OH, complements always appreciated of course.

From: Istishia Friday, June 06, 08:30PM

I totally agree with you rigor, its a handy spell and nice to have around when you don't feel like walking back and now you have to cast it in certain magical areas. your just making it worse, i even thought the cost on casting it was prett high too oh well just my opinion. Ist

From: Kadiya Saturday, June 07, 03:19AM

Funny, I became a cause mage for the immolate spell ;). Oh, and the armor, idiocy, clumsiness, strength, etc, etc spells. Kadiya Karn

From: XXX Sunday, June 08, 07:13PM

ok ... first is ... cause not only has recall, kadiya is right there are other very useful spells like immolate, and the stat-decreasing and stat-i increasing spells (strength, clumsiness, weaken ...) then ... discussions ... maybe there should be meetings ... to the imms: do you think it could be possible to post on the welcome boar that you want to make a changing ... and then to make a date for a meeting --- i think the note should be posted about a week before the meeting --- so that interested players can give statements and ideas about the changin and then ... recall ... i liked the recall very much before it was changed i didnt need to make long travels to get back to an inn ... or it was very helpful to get out of several places (the bog, or caught in a sidhe r or longhouse) ... and when i tried it after the changes i needed 300 mana to get it through even if it failed i needed 50 mana and if you have bad luck its very expensive ... 300 mana !! with a bit luck thats enough to kill 2 maybe 3 level 50 mobs ... so i would be happy if you would decrease the fail-rate and make a fail a bit cheaper ... -shrug- ok thats all i have in mind in the moment ...


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