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tform and the new changes.

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Posted by Brigid on 06/09

Now that AC is such an important stat, and mobs seem to damage eq quicker and harder than they used to, I think it's time non-3rd circle mages found more eq on the mud that is mendable. Yeah, I know that mages have been complaining a lot lately, but sometimes having to be so depandant on 3rd mages is such a big pain in the arse and I fear it's going to be even more so with the new changes. Why not change some of the tformable items into mendable ones? Balance, ri right?

From: Kadiya Saturday, June 07, 03:21AM

I actually like being useful... There are enough 3rd circle mages around these days that it shouldn't be a huge hassle getting stuff fixed. Kadiya Karn Cause Mage

From: RigorMortis Sunday, June 08, 08:53PM

Certain items have magical properies, why change it now .. most of the time i usually tform for Free.... RigorMortis disgruntled cause mage ..

From: Brigid Monday, June 09, 04:20AM

True there are 3rd circle mages out there who like to help, but that's hardly my point. Helpful mages are not always on, sometimes they're on but out of mana, sometimes they're on but too busy, sometimes they're preoccupied with pkill. Not always but very often it IS a pain in the arse. The point is that it wasn't such a big issue with the old fight system cuz AC was not a big issue, if players could not get a tformer, they could get one the next day, or whenever. However, if AC is going to be a central stat, players shouldn't have to rely on mges err mages for this stat, thats not balance in my opinion. Yes and even if there are some friendly mages out there.


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