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Posted by Lethargio on 06/07

ok, I got two things that I'm going to say:

First of all, according to the imms str dex and con are balanced. Well that's ok with me, but what about the people who are going to get multipul stats? like str/dex, dex/con, str/con etc...that leaves out one stat though, perc now if your a dex/perc gunman like me, is it really worth keeping perc? Personally I don't see any benefits other than useing the gun, practially. (like the occurences of para backstabs doesn't include the opponent's perc into factor...(bad grammar) )

well I don't know if this is true, but the imms tell me that guns do 40-50 damage...well I have 80 perc and I have NEVER seen that kind of damage bef before...

so I assume that you need 100 perc to do that, heck, if I need to get 100 perc, i'll either need to cut on my spr and mind and lose first aid or som thing. either that or lose about an extra 20 con which would really suck. so, what I was trying to say is...will perc be worth having? (most people don't have 100 perc, i think only 80 at the most)

Ok, regarding the increased difficulty of the mobs:

some mobs seem to have multipul 100s stats. now that just a TAD bit throw off that "oh if its a perfect match then it'll be a 50/50 chance of winnin because most people don't seem to have 100 mind/dex/con/str/perc etc etc naturally. maybe you can leave the mobs like in hell or SL to be like tha (some mobs) and let them be high xp level mobs or something

I heard that the imms are working on changing the multipul stat thing



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