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Posted by Edina on 06/10

I think that having to wait 6 rounds after bashing a mob before being able to perform any actions (like headbutt, warcry, another bash, etc), is way too long. It's true that the mob can't do anything either, but the other fighting skills that I know can be performed after 2 rounds, and the bashers are losing an opportunity to do extra damage more often. urm IMHO, of-course.

From: Lethargio Sunday, June 08, 01:29PM

bashing was too powerful...thats what I heard anyway, but i guess thats how they tried to balace it (think about it, make the other person sit for 6 rounds would do a lot more damage than just an occasional kick)


From: Gail Sunday, June 08, 10:59PM

ok, at first, bash set a delay of 2 rounds on you, and 2 rounds on your victim. this turned out to be unbalanced, because in pkill, if the attacker was ahead in the char_list (rented more recently) and pre-typed a bash, they'd bash again before the victim had a chance to do anything, and they'd pretty much never get a special in, unless they were 100 dex, had tumble, and hit their wimpy. So then it was reduced to delaying the victim less than delaying the attacker. At this point, bash became useless, because the wait that it set on the victim was lower than the waits they had set on them by their own specials, and making someone sit for 2 rounds doesn't do much. I set the wait on bash to what I did because it's longer than just about any other waits, and set the wait on the basher to a little more than that, so the victims had time to get up and maybe flee, or attack somehow before being bashed again.

From: Edina Monday, June 09, 04:06AM

I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think that the bashed is still delayed as much as the basher.

At least it seems possible to bash mobs as soon as they get up. I'm not clanned or of high enough level to check this though.

From: Ulric Monday, June 09, 07:08AM

If you've put any thought into it, the new bash isnt so bad, you just have to know how to use it. How about raging, then bashing your victim.. thats 4 rounds of you pounding on them.. all I know is that spellcasters are pretty much dead if they are sitting on the ground.

From: Beam Monday, June 09, 12:14PM


ulric you one of them mages that casts spells during combat?

headbutt makes me dizzy its so nice

From: Kamiya Monday, June 09, 04:51PM

To deal with priority issues as far as specials go, why not flip a coin to determine whether to traverse the char_list forwards or backwards? You _are_ using doubly-linked lists, right? if not, you should be.

From: Abbadon Tuesday, June 10, 05:56AM

this prolly wont work as far as pkill goes...you bash, and your opponant c can get back up after a round or so, mean while your in the bash skill lag for a few rounds.

-sigh- when are you going to fix the boards?

this line was too long and has been truncated garbage is for the brids er birds :P



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