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Posted by Ulric on 06/12

Granted, the changes have helped non dex characters out greatly, but its still obvious, dex fighters will and do rule the mud. I cant hit hardly anything unless its stunned (that has the same or greater ac as I do) and even when its stunned, I hit a whole 4 times out of 11 or so. Now since I'm a mage, its only reasonable that I use spells.. but the mana costs are extremly high these days, almost unreasonably for most of the attack spells, and stun doesnt have the same effect. If you dont belive m check out earthquake, does decent damage, but costs 250 mana or so..

All of the new spells, cost an incredible mana to cast... Its amazing to me how my 530 mana can go to 50 in a few spells. Now I have seen dex fighters of all types.. and they hit much more than I do, do more or aroun the same amount of damage, and use their fighting skills. Gee, ironically enough, they kill the same mob that would take me 8 rounds or so in two rounds. Is that hardly fair? This mud is waaaay based off of dex still and I hope that its changed more to balance. As it is now, Con isnt a fighting skill, but a Hp gainer, my fighting is a joke.

A disgruntled mage's 2 cents..

From: Mina Monday, June 09, 10:50PM

One way to offset this by giving an advantage to a high mind mage would b be making stun spell let you hit every time, maybe by adding a new condition like incapicateted or something, so stun spell would cause autohits but headbutt or para-warcrys wouldn't. Thus letting high mind mages have an advantage. Just a thought.

From: Asmodean Tuesday, June 10, 12:50AM

I agree holehardely, i had to use a bunch of mana to spell hack cough up a and then heal up again just so i could fight him, and ended up with 100 le out of 630 mana. This sucks. If its not changed i don't think i will ever make con/mind again....

-Asmodean, Knight of Legend

From: Leah Tuesday, June 10, 04:47AM

I couldn't disagree more. I can do more now than I ever could before these combat changes. I don't have to stick to the 'dumb animals' anymore if I want to get exp, which, to me, is wonderful. Yes immolate costs 100mana, but the damage that 100 mana does is great! And as a cause mage, 3rd circle, its pretty much a given that you can get to -100 ac, and raise the mobs ac by AT LEAST 40 with one spell.. get that? ONE spell. Btw, Create mages have a version of the same spell. I don't know that I can give out what does what on this board, so I won't but think of the spells that the two schools have in common, and go from there. Trust me, change your way of fighting, and you'll fight much better. I do.

Leah, con mage and loving it!

From: Pegasus Tuesday, June 10, 07:33AM

Not only do you have high hps and 100 mind spells, but you also have headbutt and warcry, don't rely on your spells the whole time. What more do you want? Do you wanna be able to kick aswell? Anyway, we'll see just how balanced things are when pkill's brought back in, mobs cheat and aren't a good control for checking balance amongst the fighting stats..


From: Pariah Tuesday, June 10, 08:11AM

say kimota

From: Leah Tuesday, June 10, 12:20PM

Well, in defense of con mages, headbutt lands about 2 times more than it did before as far as we go =\ I land on my face more than I land a headbutt. I dunno about anyone else. But with warcry and my spells, I do enough damage.

From: Ishtar Tuesday, June 10, 03:32PM

As a dex fighting cause mage, I have found that I can solo everything I could solo before, and often in less time, but by relying on heavy damage spells, _not_ dex fighting skills or hitroll. I can't accept that hitroll is such a big issue for a con fighting mage with high mind, since I managed to kill several mobs of my own level without wielding a weapon at all (though this does take a bit of mana). The mobs I can't kill are those which I would never normally try to kill anyway, basically those which headbutt and knock you out for several rounds; as far as I can see a con fighter would stand a much better chance at those, being resistant to headbutt. Ac is obviously very important, but it doesn't seem that hard to get a good ac even if you aren't a dex fighter.

I have 'only' 88 mind and was surprised to find immolate doing so much more damage, thinking I would have to get up to 95-100 mind to see the difference.

The only thing I don't like about this style of fighting as a dex mage is that it seems to be 'all or nothing'; either you fry the mob to death in a few rounds or you get headbutted and with low con and little tanking ability you are gone. And its true that mana seems to go very quickly, obviously the general increase in mana received with the new scale is not fully compensating for a shift in strategy to heavier reliance on mana (is it meant to?).


From: Major_Payne Wednesday, June 11, 12:21AM

i can't see what yall con mages can complain about

"we're burning up all our mana" -whine-whine-whine-

at this point i probably couldn't kill the swarthy captain i dont have the hp for any type of fight past 2 rounds and for some ungodly reason, if the mob has good ac i can't land even a single bullet. you may not be able to hit it alot when it's stunned, but i can't even hit it with my best skill, shooting!

i land a good deal of hits, but it doesn't matter... the mobs hit harder and have more hp

i can't land headbutts, i can't warcry, i can't stun, i can't even shoot the target!

well gee i could kick or backstab! yeah... backstab once use wand tick, or kick and watch the mob bash me or headbutt and then i die very fast cuz i dont have the hp.

anyways, yall dont have much right to complain, at least your spells work till yall run outta mana, i can have a hundred rounds and i prolly would only hit 10 of em on the average 100k+ mob

-Major Payne, one of the few remaining 100 perc snipers

From: Pariah Wednesday, June 11, 04:31AM

yeah, I know where Major_Payne is coming from. Being a high perc dex fighter is NOT where it's at...I hope that perc gets some benefits pretty soon cause all that perc gear is taking up space. =)


From: Kelvin Wednesday, June 11, 03:39PM

I definitely agree. I'm 100 dex/perc and as far as I can tell, perc doesn't help me much and is basically just sucking rent space, which is why I'm going to be reequipping to 100 str/dex.

From: Daer Thursday, June 12, 04:14AM

I'm 100dex/mind and a 3rd circle cause mage. I have found that I can take almost any mob on the famous xp runs without loosing a single hp. I can even solo the Hollies in two rounds! Cause definitely rules having the 7 or so prep spells that make all the difference now. Sure it takes a lot of mana but when you can bless/curse/weaken armor/clumsy/weaken/armor/limn the fighting part is a breeze. The only reason i can get them in so short a time though is because of the immolate spell. the truth is the dex skill (kick and such) just don't ever land often enough, even with all these prep spells case and me having -100ac. I think theres something wrong ther (same with headbutt) but oh well. My point is that even though I have wimp con and hps, I can take out 10 times what i used to be able to. My con/min mage can (create) can take out more, true. But even with a weapon doing around 52 or so damage when i get in 4 hits, I almost died, even with a greater demon helping me on a mob that it took my dex/mind(daer) only two rounds to kill. Its probably because of the cause spells that I have such an advantage though, dex isn't really overbalanced because with dex you are supposed to dodge more and hit more cause you have wimpy hps, and without these spells to help me out I'm still getting hit about 50% of the time and have to flee and heal up. I do feel for all you con people out th especially the con/mind create mages, because you have one one really usef prep spell and you barely hit at all, and the only damage spell you have costs mega mana. -wince- It really stinks for you guys, I know. con/mind cause is probably okay though, and lots more fun to play. All of you con/XXX players though that aren't mages shouldn't complaign because you have that other 100 stat be it str/dex whatever. Rambling... I'll stop now :) Add to the flame! thats why its on this board.


From: Daer Thursday, June 12, 05:12AM

oh, btw the to hit table has changed since then and con is a lot better th before :P


From: Ulric Thursday, June 12, 09:17PM

gee, looks like daer understands exactly what I am talking about..

so my point isnt mute at all.. thats all I wanted :)


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