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"Line too long"

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Posted by Ptah on 06/16

The reason that you get truncated lines is because the editor was written to support being able to back up line by line, and eventually also edit specific lines. As any ofyou who worked with the old board and note editor know, you could type in a three-line long "line" and it would appear to be broken correctly on the screen. But it gets treated as a single line internally, so you would back up over the whole three lines if you used the new editor functions on it now.

Properly speaking, the editor has always needed players to hit return at the end of each line in order to look and work properly (anyone remember Beam's posts, where every third line there was a truncated bit? :) That's why...) I could remove the line limit but it would screw that up, and I personally value the ability to look at my post, back up, and so on, more than I dislike the annoyance of noticing the 'line too long" message and fixing it when I go too long.


From: Chocorua Tuesday, June 10, 10:21PM

how about making the editor insert a carriage return in the line if it runs to long?


From: Charity Tuesday, June 10, 11:03PM

Erm actually, i don't notice any 'line too long' message even when writing posts that have in fact gotten a few characters lopped off.

Does this only appear when you review the message? Being used to not having that feature, I hardly ever go back and look.

From: Ptah Tuesday, June 10, 11:34PM

No, the line too long message appears every time stuff gets lopped off...

I've never had it fail to appear, at any rate.

From: Sabella Wednesday, June 11, 01:10AM

It doesn't show up if the line is just a little bit too long... like, I -think- it doesn't appear if you use 78 characters although the return is now at 76... so if it's just one or two characters too long, you don't get a msg. I -think-


From: Fatale Wednesday, June 11, 01:49AM

Wow, did the imms accidentally start using this board for the god board? :)

I've always hit return even in the old board system, it always worked a lot better, plus I'm in the habit of hitting return when I use text files in vi.

I love the new editor, btw, whenever I mess up, I can just back up instead of bugging imms to remove my post everytime I typo

From: Beam Wednesday, June 11, 02:40AM

Hrm i remember my posts, kinda. I usually just try to hit return after the line gets about as long as the last one.

But I guess I let a few long lines in, I post a lot sometimes.


Oh before the line too long message was added i used to run 2 or 3 lines l till hit return.

I really hated not being able to see what i had just written and would for what I was saying. Is that what you meant?

Anyway just being able to review is worth the line too long message in my opinion

From: Beam Wednesday, June 11, 02:47AM

wow did i just reproduce the not seeing the line too long message when your just a couple too long, I didnt see any message. Think maybe I have my screenwidth set wrong or something. Oh well nice to hear you remember my posts even if its for a bad thing.

From: RigorMortis Monday, June 16, 12:47PM

what about coding word wrap ..

or a visual text editor ..

My 2cents ..



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