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Posted by Asilidae on 06/13

I am a pkiller. I like that the 'old' chars mostly rule pkill. Before the skill trees and after the sanc removal, no newbie could start a char here and make a pkiller that rocked.

That was a plus in my eyes...in your face newbies :)

But under this new system a person who has never ever played a mud can make a char, level to 50 without understanding anything, be lucky to get good 'luck' roles on 2-6 hp per level, and then realize what makes a good char, change eq to fit pkill and then rule in pkill (of course they would have to choose ok stats to start with).

This discurages me to spend alot of time making a good pkiller (which i dont have yet). I feel its to much based on luck. Before you could wear 100 con from level 3 or so and get a pkiller with 100 dex/mind and 5xx hp's....that rocked (Firestarter :))

In this testperiode I have been playing AnimeMUD and there i saw some good things....

1) When you start a char you can choose to customize it:
At what level do you wanna have this skill/spell ok we can get most skills at low levels, but what about the basic/ advanced/expert training? and what about getting immolate spell at info Fortune favours the brave! 10 or so.

This would really rock, I think, and it would be worth clanning before level 35 then.

What should be the cost: For each thing you change a certain percentage of extra xp should be added to your xp to level on each level....

On AnimeMUD you have 1000 xp to level each time on low levels (average), but when you have customized you can have up to 7k xp to level. This would make it very hard to make this pkiller, but you would be able to pkill almost everybody who havent customized. Of course this wouldnt make no difference on level 50, but that could be something to work on for us (me :))

2) A newbie school: They got a great newbie school at AnimeMUD. You get guided through the most important newbier stuff, learn to set wimpy/flee, learn to consider/kill, and you get a whole newbie set of armor stuff!! Wohoo...this would be a very good gift to real newbies on LegendMUD, now that armor is so important! Newbie school is limited to level 5 chars...

3) An autolist (like us client useres got :)):
Here you can choose to auto-get-gold, auto-loot, auto-exa-corpse, autoexits :), auto-whatever...

Non-client users would save alot of keystrokes....

Well thats about it...Oh btw here is the address for AnimeMUD so you can take a look yourself: nadrak.prophecy.lu 9000 Btw I play Kahn there if you should wanna talk to me on Anime.

-hopes the imm's arent mad that I do 'commercials' for another mud-

From: Charity Wednesday, June 11, 02:24PM

First, lemme say I haven't gone to AnimeMUD, so I don't know how much of it is actually customized, but a lot of what Asilidae mentions is in fact pretty common on Diku/Mercs.

1) Customizable characters at char-gen: this is something we've been toying around with, but not regarding the levels you can get skills. Instead of choices that would let you build a better pkiller (why is this so nifty, when EVERYONE can then choose to be a better pkiller and then you'll all be the same?), we would be offering choices that try to offer equal opportunity for customization to everyone... hmm, not sure if this will make sense, but options that actually make your character DIFFERENT, not ones that just raise the level of same-ness. We don't have any set plans & are still sort of talking it over, but this is an idea that's come up.

2) Newbie schools are definitely stock Diku/Merc, and the features described above sound just like the out-of-the-box package. Frankly, most everyone who's played lots of muds hates newbie schools. They've become sort of a bad joke -- and as a more practical consideration, we would have to come up with a thematic excuse to put a newbie school in every hometown on Legend. Not easy to do in the first place, and even harder as the list of hometowns expands. Yes, for a genuine newbie the mud school is helpful, but there've been enough players who started their MUD experience with Legend and never left, that I think we don't have to worry about driving people away for lack of a school.

3) Many auto triggers (autoloot, autosac where corpses can be sacrificed, etc) we deliberately chose to not include here, because they make 'bots much easier to create. We don't have assist for the same reason -- it's more fun to play in a game with other real live people, than to encounter groups of automated characters who are killing faster than you and don't even respond when you say 'hi' because their owner has gone out for pizza while his client does the mudding for him. (As a side-note, we do have 'autoexits' which IS an auto trigger, just no one notices it because it starts out displaying them, and hardly anyone ever turns them off.)

Sorry if this sounds discouraging... Legend has borrowed ideas from other muds in the past, and we continue to be interested in neat, customized features on other muds. Unfortunately, most of the things that impressed you aren't really customizations. =(


From: Pegasus Thursday, June 12, 10:17AM

About the newbie thing, i tried out a mud the other day, and one thing that i thought seemed neat, was how it generated random messages (which were only a line or two of text) at random intervals of time, over an info channel (most likely seen by level ones only). It was pretty useful, from how to drink/eat to how to participate in pkill. Anyway, as long as it's not too frequent, and is only seen by level ones, it'd be a nice way for newbies to find out about certain unique elements of this mud, rather than making them wade through help files.


From: Stella Friday, June 13, 08:04PM

What Pegasus suggests is a really good idea. I think most newbies would love it.



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