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suggestion about pick lock

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Posted by Kai on 06/13

Okay, just a humble suggestion.

How about make pick lock require five movement every time you try but get rid of the skill lag? I hate waiting to pick the Curio door and the gates in Klein because I always fail my first 2 or so times. Anyway, respond at will.

Kai Androsia

Grumpy old mage

From: Gho Wednesday, June 11, 08:19PM

also you should get a different message if the lock's pick proof so you don't stand there trying 10 or so times before coming to the conclusion it's probably not pickable.

From: CLeo Wednesday, June 11, 09:14PM

I agree with Gho. IF a lock is pickproof... why not give some sort of message.

Then, people wouldn't loose their time trying to picklock a lock...

I've seen people trying to pick a lock for 10 minutes without succeeding. I've done it myself. as well.

CLeo of the Circle of Angels

From: Lethargio Thursday, June 12, 11:25AM

geeze, kai, are you so lazy that you can't wait for a few seconds of lag?


From: Kai Thursday, June 12, 04:16PM

Sometimes people as why the players are so apt to snap out at players and imms rather than talk it over. Well, this is the reason. Here I go, propose a suggestion that might or might not work and I do it in a fairly organized way. Then, someone like Lethargio comes up and say "Geeze, are you so lazy that you can't wait for a skill lag?" The question then to me is whether or not I need to bother posting my thoughts on topics (in what I thought was a very civilized manner) if all I'm gonna get is someone calling me lazy. I've tried to be as nice as possible recently (and as long as I've been here, for that matter) and especially during the playtesting.

I've tformed, praised, and even helped try to get some equipment. But all I'm saying is that the reason it seems like (to me, at least) the mud is suffering is not because of the combat changes, not because of the coming skilltrees, and especially not because of the imms, but because of the general disrespect shown to players by their fellow mudders. Usually, I'm inclined to just come here, chill out, and talk to the many people I've become friends with over the last 2 years that I've been here. But when people come along and chastise me for something that I was just commenting on, then it makes me wonder if I shouldn't go find somewhere else to spend my time.

Kai Androsia

Grumpy Old Mage

From: Ptah Thursday, June 12, 04:36PM

A separate message strikes me as a perfectly fine idea... I'll see what we can do.


From: Lethargio Thursday, June 12, 09:57PM

hmm, i think you're taking this too personal.

when i say, 'can't you wait for a few seconds of skill lag' means since you can still pick lock it withing a few seconds, why bother changing it? Is it worth the coding time?

(a side note:well it IS more realistic for taking some time to pick lock, but I don't want to get into that realism discussion again)


From: Tad Friday, June 13, 03:29PM

Yes, its worth the coding time :P.


From: Stella Friday, June 13, 08:01PM

I must admit, I cannot see the reason why an "unpickable" lock should have a certain flag....It makes it a bit more fun when you aren't certain whether a lock is "unpickable" or you just are very unlucky with your skill-checks. And yes, I have also stood VERY long time trying to pick locks that was "unpickable" :)

From: Gho Friday, June 13, 09:13PM

I guess if you're looking for an added touch of realism you could increase the skill lag a bit on pick proof doors or locks and give the message "after many attempts.. etc".



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