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Posted by Gho on 06/13

I'm finding AC just too effective now, i'm lvl 35 and i find while i generally hit 0-1/11 vs lvl 50 mobs all i need do is blind and i'm hitting like 5-8/11..

I believe blind is -40 AC and i guess it makes sense it seriously affect you in combat but umm, i found blind was way overpowered before these changes.

Could AC be made less effective? Sure blind could be altered to -20 AC or something but well, the effect of AC right now means i need only damage a couple of items and be hit like 200% more often plus well not everyone has just the right stats allowing them to wear the best items for AC.

oh one more thing, my cloak of sunlight became "slightly damaged" and it was worth 9 AC? perhaps that needs looking into as well.

From: Gho Friday, June 13, 12:45PM

oh yeah, not really regarding AC but while mobs haven't been damaging my eq often (apart from when taking on those with decent weapons), it's rare for me not to scrap the mobs eq and my damroll isn't even maxed yet.

heheh, 1 last thing.. could you at least consider clanning me for testing purposes? I know my other clanned which i don't mind being deleted will need deleting a 2nd time with the restore or now from the backup directory but it seems a better option than leaving it til after the test period where it'll affect others a lot more as i scrap their eq while killing them in 1-2 rounds :)


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