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dex mage vs. con mage

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Posted by BokChoy on 06/16

this post is primarily for cause mages:

at this point, everyone seems to agree that the advantage of being a cause mage is the damage inflicted by immolate or firestorm when you have 100 mind.

in that case, can anyone think of a good reason to be a dex mage instead of a con mage? as con, you can still beef up your ac to -100 with good equip and stoneskin/armor, etc

my 100mind/dex pkiller also tried to fight a 100mind/con pkiller and it wasn't even close. there is no way a dex mage can possibly survive. the first match, it was all immolates. my opponent just out-tanked me.

the second match (without immolates), i just kept getting headbutted and hit while stunned.

i frankly can't see any reason to stay a dex mage, especially in pkill.

From: Ishtar Saturday, June 14, 10:24AM

This is something I've been wondering about for a while. The advantages of dex fighting don't seem as relevant to mages who can easily get a good ac, and who rely on combat spells which are not affected by ac or hitroll. But there certainly are advantages to having enough hps to tank a few immolates, as well as not being vulnerable to headbutt.

From: Croaker Saturday, June 14, 03:58PM

Yep. A few days ago many people were complaining that dex was gonna rule the mud. Now some have realized that there are some drawbacks to it as well. All in all, I think things are more balance then before, and one stat does not dominate. (Good job Gail !) There are still a few issues to be worked out, of course, but I posta like this help.


From: Terrizano Sunday, June 15, 01:52AM

I think con is slightly out of balance when they have 2 stunning specials the advantage of hps and movement based on their con, compared to one dex-based special that can stun, strength has none.

Pkill realm is interesting to see as a dex/mind mage as 100 mind isn't an advantage now if I can' last long enough or stay unstunned long enough to cast a spell :P I think that 100 mind stuns, should be as effective as 100 con headbutts.

But, I"m a silly old-style dex/mind mage from agrabah.

Terrizano -- the Dark Mage of Allah

From: Ulric Sunday, June 15, 02:38AM

no, dex doesnt rule the mud, but the standard dex/con fighter is still very much alive, and cause is all more important due to those two spells. So in a way, things arent really changing in all.. my previous post still makes its point valid as a create con mage.

From: Tarbash Sunday, June 15, 04:59AM

It is indeed out of balance. As a con fighter you have more hit points and a stun skill. As a dex less hit points and no stun skill.

The number of attacks & better ac in does not outbalance more hit points and a stun skill because a smart con mage will agg and have + hit eq and an average dex & decent armor and armor spells.

So the hits will vary by about 2 or 3 and ac around 30-40. I would take the stun skill and hp's over that every day.


From: RigorMortis Sunday, June 15, 01:01PM

considering i dont have a high hitroll, i would assume that higher hitroll inflicts more damage ?

Just a random thought


From: Gho Monday, June 16, 05:08AM

Just realized something.. this's the only MUD i've seen where mages can have more hp's than plain old fighters, perhaps the various fighter types would balance out better if hp's were based on con AND strength?

Oh and while on that subject, maybe moves should be based on dex/con, and mana on mind/spirit?


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