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create mage healing

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Posted by Hazard on 06/15

OK .. you may say this is a whinge but here goes ;)

It is annoying in the extreme to not be able to eat the healing roots made by the "create healing" spell because you are too full.

Could it possible be changed so they can be eaten even if you are full, or at the very least make the roots themselves non-filling?

Hazard (tired of waiting 6 ticks before he can heal)

From: Hazard Saturday, June 14, 01:25PM

What usually happens is i make some roots, find i am too full to eat them .. then by the time i am not full anymore the roots poof! :P

From: Croaker Saturday, June 14, 03:56PM

could they be made preservable ? Or would that make them too powerful a spell to have.


From: Daer Sunday, June 15, 09:04AM

preserving them costs lots of mana, yar sposed to be able to eat 48 or something when your hungry, but it takes 5 ticks from being full to eat like one or two. Its silly. make them non-filling, create is just going down the tube with its 1 prep spell and all these other things. Oh well


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