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Posted by Arsene on 06/15

Seems from what I have seen you are just creating con mages as a new domin ant class.

with the right eq they manage a decent hitroll, have big ac, their lack of perc doesnt matter cause dodge is screwed, cant warcry them to stun, they can headbutt as well as a warrior, tumble doesnt seem to help much more, s the only way to beat them, they can warcry you and have high hp) is to try a para backstab, snipe or else they autostun or headbutt you.

bash would be nice, but with str spell and eq you have to have 60 str or so to make it reliable to headbutt you, provided they have tumble, or else they have three reliab le stun attacks and are only vulnerable to rare ones.

From: Beam Sunday, June 15, 04:18AM

I said all along con/mind cause mages would be best, your best bet would be to have wimpy max and flee before they can get spells off.

One neat thing on another mud that could balance things, is to have chant guh ex separate from invisi, ie the skill isnt detectable with see i see invisi spell. Also perc req to see hidden might need to be raised.

So how do you find these hidden people? With a search command, which is based on int wis and luck stats. It would have to be adapted to this mud of course, but it makes lots of neat things possible.

Like hidden exits that one needs to search for, and hidden eq on corpses thats not visible on the mob beforehand. Kinda like the dhurtah.

One has to search corpse to find the eq if there is any. Also this could be a nice fix to making mobs eat eq. On this other mud mobs only load eq the first time they are killed. And if left on the corpse, it either falls to the ground hidden or the mob gets it from corpse if its the same room, or it transfers over to the mob, not sure exactly how they do that part but it works very nicely.

This could work very well with the new eq that will be added for spell resistance etc, and maybe some of the old eq.

Maybe it could be coded so that it loads on first mob and then thereafter the chance is 50 percent less than before each time. Since the eq was hidden you couldn't tell if it was loaded or not.

Overall I think the system works very well, and adds a lot of mystery.

Aside from the eq issue, search is really nice for stuff like hidden exits and stuff. Once you find them with search they stay visible on exits till it resets and then is closed and hid again.

From: Gho Sunday, June 15, 07:29AM

If you're looking for balance perhaps skills should be based on 2 stats to hit? con/dex for headbutt etc. Otherwise i guess mages could go without these skills altogether? -duck-

From: Gho Sunday, June 15, 07:52AM

weird, my append didn't save.. me try again.


seriously though, a mage shouldn't be as good as a plain old fighter (who also happen to be able to max 2 stats) when it comes to headbutting/bashing etc. it should be used by a mage as a last resort (if they decide to learn the skills at all).. I guess eventually when skill level is based on use this'll kinda happen anyway. -shrug-

From: Lethargio Sunday, June 15, 11:04AM

of course, a quick fix to that is to learn headbutt in early levels and lower their spell levels by just a notch


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