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More stats, new reqs!

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Posted by Daer on 06/17

I dont know how many people think that right now with the current reqs for skills and spells and the new demands of ac and hit/dam that the mud is balanced. It seems to me with the reqs we have and the level at which people play here, one is now forced to decide on whether they will keep good stats thereby having all their spells -in my case-, or to give up some spells to have better ac/hit/dam. I've always thought that some of these reqs alone are quite high, but i think now that the players must meet new standards, and since the eq out there is all restricted to being +5 overall at most, that to make a really good character, one that a person can be satisfied with is getting a bit hard. I'm not saying a change that will make it super easy to get the stats you want. I'm just saying one that will lighten the load. This is my opinion, maybe I just haven't gone out and gotten my hands dirty in trying to figure out best ac/hit/dam with my character. What I have done is managed to get almost the perfect req for mages (min req) and boost str.. the stats I have are pretty ideal for a mage.. If i want more hit/dam I'm going to have to sacrifice a lot, mebbe give up rudh (which i think is a silly req given that its the only word dependant on this certain stat.) which is a shame. Anyway, doubt this will change much, just wanted to get my opinion out in the open.


From: Gho Monday, June 16, 05:31AM

I doubt eq would be changed to give more than +5 overall but perhaps another stat quest or even change it so you start with a few more stat points, after all, i chose mind first yet was unable to learn vant when i went for it as my mind was too low.

It'd also be nice if there was a stat quest that allowed you to boost 1 stat by 10 while lowering another by 10 so those who either got a bad roll or chose badly won't be stuck with using the higher rent items. (another option of course would be for such items to be less rent but i guess that'd have to wait til progressive stats are in).

From: Eliot Monday, June 16, 05:59AM

how about just improving the AC on existing stat eq? or has it already been suggested?

btw Nice idea for a stat quest Gho (+10, -10)!

From: Lethargio Monday, June 16, 12:08PM

I like the idea of a +10 -10 quest...it'll help the people who play for the first time to let them fix the mistake they made when choosing their order (like me, for instance)


From: Ulric Tuesday, June 17, 07:01AM

not that this is the most popular idea, but how about making rudh have a high mind req, instead of its current req.. to me that would make much more sense considering its supposed to be 'greater magic'

in that way mages would have some stats to free up on and improve mind at least..

Ulric, who thinks create mages got the shaft

From: Tarbash Tuesday, June 17, 08:52PM

I think a rudh req of like 80 mind and drop the other requirements for it would be a superb idea.

Tarbash, Vizier Knights of Legend


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