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hitroll and damroll items overpowered.

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Posted by Mhsa on 06/18

As far as I can tell, +hitroll and +damroll items unbalance the combat system. As an example, there's a well known +4 dex item which is also +hitroll. I went and checked the numbers for it and the bonus it raises a characters hitroll is equivalent to +20 dex. Basically, +hitroll or +damroll eq gives you the dex or str combat bonuses without raising the corresponding stat. The difference in rent of the mentioned item is only 1.5k or so more than similar items without the +hitroll bonus.

The problem with this is that there are +hitroll and +damroll items which give enormous bonus with low rent while +hitpoint items which would be the equivalent for con [gives the con combat bonus without actually raising the stat] is much higher rent with much less effect.

A +hitpoint item which would be equivalent to the +hitroll item mentioned would be a +98 hp item with +4 con and no minuses for less than 3k rent. The reason it works out to +98 hp is because that's the difference in hp a level 50 will have with 20 more con.

The problem becomes even more troublesome at low levels because characters can still get an enormous benefit from +hitroll and +damroll items for very little rent while having high con at low levels does not cause nearly as much of a difference in hp.

From: Dune Tuesday, June 17, 07:12PM

Thats true, I never thought about it... but keep this in mind, a dex or str fighter can also wear that specific popular item that is 4 in a stat and +hitroll too. It would kind of suck if we had a +98

From: Dune Tuesday, June 17, 07:18PM

Well, anyway, besides my posting problems, I ment to say that any item is availiable to to player, so a dex fighter can wear the that same piece of +hitroll/+dex eq, as a con fighter and still have his ac/and 100dex hitting advantage on top of it

If imms start putting cheap +hps items.. why not put in +mana items that are +mind? and also +hps items that are con

AND +movement too? theres no end

Even with 4.22 hitroll I have had trouble hitting..

so what if everyone's hitroll is .5 higher because of a specific piece of eq..?

If you made con equivelents then everyones hps will be 98hps higher.. because under 3krent and +4con would make it an item you cant afford to not have.

This will further muddy the difference between str, con and dex fighers

From: Mhsa Tuesday, June 17, 07:52PM

I don't believe that there should be cheap +hp items. I think that the current +hitroll and +damroll items should be removed because with the effect they have now, it unbalances the system and weakens the con combat advantage.

From: Lethargio Wednesday, June 18, 01:55AM

as I recall, hitroll will be changed to perc instead of dex, that might help the situation a little.

From: Rufus Wednesday, June 18, 01:58AM

that was one suggestion made, leth, nothing is definite at this point.

From: Mhsa Wednesday, June 18, 03:17AM

um, changing hitroll to perc would be silly because hitroll is the major dex combat bonus. as far as realism goes, yes, it makes sense for people with high perception to be able to hit more often, but as a game balance issue, if you want the main fighting stats to be dex, str, and con, basing hitroll on perc rather than dex doesn't make sense because you'd be making the main fighting stats perc, str, and con instead.

From: Beam Wednesday, June 18, 03:29AM

Yes these are available to all, and you might want to clear a slot for them. If you didn't know hitroll and damroll eq has always been hugely important on most diku type muds. Its a good thing in my opinion.

From: Rufus Wednesday, June 18, 03:55AM

Actually basing hitroll on perc makes a little bit of sense in the game design realm. Currently (and this is ignoring skills, mind you) we have the following:
Strength's bonuses: More damage
Con's bonuses: Can take more damage
Dex's bonuses: Can avoid more damage and hit more often

dex has two bonuses, AC and hitroll, wheras the other two only have one, add to that the fact that dex can escape a fight reasonably easily, and you might even have a third bonus. Moving it to perc would even out the field, per se. But this is only the rationale behind it, as I said, nothing's definite.



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