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Posted by Odacova on 06/21

Taking hitroll away from dex and giving it to perc is not the way to make up for perc's apparent uselessness. It will weaken dex even more than it has been already.

Consider other advantages for perc, such has a high perc skills that give you a notice when you are being hunted, "You sense that you are being hunted". The higher the perc you have, you eariler you can tell when you are being hunted. The same skill (or maybe another) can tell you when you are being magically located, or scanned.

Another possibility is to allow 100 perc to see figures at night without a light.. or even to see figures with some degree of success when blinded. In reality, (RL) people with high perc notice detail as they travel new areas, so maybe allow hi perc to actually hunt places like inns and shops that high perc characters have been before, the rational being that with their high perc, they could retrace their steps by remembering "details" along the way.


If all that isn't enough, you could even add a hitroll bonus on top of dex's bonus for VERY high perc. For example, +.25 hitroll for 80 perc, +.50 hitroll for 90 perc and +.75 hitroll bonus for 100.

This keeps the dex/perc the true hitter and makes a bit more sense logically. The dilemma being that MOST of hitting should be dex based (it only makes sense) but high perc should be able to improve hitting too. So a 100dex/perc should have 3.5hitroll without +hit eq or agg as opposed to a 100dex/mind that would have 2.75.


To the imms.... Dont do the easy thing! That would be making hitting all perc.. -ponder- wasn't that what we were trying to get away from in the first place with the all too powerful dodge skill?




From: Beam Wednesday, June 18, 10:29AM

heh i always said that dex and perc where basically the same thing. Not for reqs for skills and stuff, as a basic stat they make it so you hit more. Least it was that way before changes. Making hitroll all perc is a bad idea i think, find some way to use perc without hurting dex.

Perc has always been a bonus type stat that once you had enuf for your skills anything else was just a bonus for landing hits. Snipers and such relied on it a great deal more. You guys need to figure out how much perc a 2nd circle mage and 3rd circle mage can concievable have, then make percs bonus progressily more powerful.

So that, yes like the old system, high perc players had some added ability to hit. Maybe allowing high perc to make your dodge work progressively better. Dodge isn't being ripped is it? Maybe .25 hit bonus for 40 perc .50 for 50 1.00 for 60 2.0 70 something like that, course the bonuses would have to be looked at really close.

But i agree that having perc add bonus's to hitroll make be a good way.

From: Gho Wednesday, June 18, 12:57PM

I don't think anyone likes how no matter your hitroll you still hit 0 times quite often. Rather than make even the best hitters (dex) only hit half the time to allow for double hits on a stunned mob I reckon it'd be better if number of attacks was also determined by weapon type so dex would be the only ones to get say 12 attacks, con and strength would get 6 but then strength would also have the damroll to make up for it.

From: Kuato Wednesday, June 18, 09:41PM

I suggested this 2 months ago at least, Gho =P

From: Emlyn Thursday, June 19, 03:20AM

Or maybe instead of affecting hitroll, Higher perc should decrease your liklihood of being hit .. just a thought.

From: Lethargio Thursday, June 19, 02:35PM

if you were to move hitroll to perc, then many people will have a problem with getting it. well its bad enough that most people who have low dex can't hit much at all, moving it to perc will mess it up even more.

personally, I think that hitroll for perc is a good idea, because it will balance that bonus thing that rufus was talking about , and will even out the fightings in pkill.

but under the new system it will be a desaster, because it seems like if you don't have this much hitroll, you wont hit anything kind of thing...

I thought it might help if you went on a percentage basis of perc on hitti ng stuff, such as if you have 50 perc then 50 % of your attacks will hit, such...(I don't know how dex works when it comes to dodging attacks) mages might have some trouble when it comes to attacking (since there can't be a perc/mind mage) but I guess stun/blind can fix that a bit (maybe instead of blinding someone use blind to reduce hitroll?)

yeeech, man I wrote sooooo messy, remind me not to write in 4:30 in the morning


From: Lethargio Thursday, June 19, 02:51PM

oh yes, i think mobs should have the same amout of stats as a player level 50 mobs with 100 dex 100 con 100 str...etc might throw off the balance a whee bit

From: Pegasus Friday, June 20, 08:20AM

With all this talk about hitroll and such, i thought i'd express my opinion about the whole ac deal. For one thing, ac means armor, thus armor should be defensive. It affecting the number of hits you land, (or the number of hits you miss because of the opponent's ac, i haven't played for a week, so i can't remember exactly how it worked/works) at all is where the balance is lost. If armor went back to doing nothing, we might have seen better results (with the new fight system that is), because then only dex fighters would be landing the most hits. Also, the idea of perc adding a hitroll bonus aswell i thought was a great idea, moving hitroll entirely to perc would be a very bad idea, ie. dex would be a fighting stat and nothing more (skills being ignored). If you really want to balance things (with ac in mind), you'll have to make ac work how it should, as a form of defense, a damage absorber. As it was, realism in the fighting system was truely lost, whether it worked or not, the design wasn't as good as it could be. I know a lot of work went into it, and turning your back on it would be a hard thing to do, but if you want a non-temporary well designed fight system, ac has to function correctly. It's just too big to ignore, but i'm sure there's many reasons why it wasn't/won't be implemented that way.


From: Lethargio Saturday, June 21, 09:03AM

It might just be me, but I think that people who have low perc are against it, and people with high perc are for it...that includes me also tho

From: Daer Saturday, June 21, 01:46PM

Right now perc helps dodge doesn't it?
ac= if they miss or not
perc = +ac
dex = to hit

then dex people wont complaign about not hitting perc people wont get hit much which is worth having the stat for and everyone is happy! -yeah right-



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