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Posted by Lethargio on 06/24

As long as I can remember, excluding druids, spr has been a stat only used for requirements (spells, surgery, etc) so, is there any benefits you can gain by increasing spr? (dex for ac and hitroll, str for damroll, con for hps...etc)

maybe some effect on calm or inspire of the like?


From: Rufus Saturday, June 21, 12:59PM

calm, play, sing, entrance, surgery, first aid, many spells (trueform, animate dead, etc) poultice, augment, brew, and root are all affected by how much current spirit you have.


From: Lethargio Saturday, June 21, 08:57PM

with more spr, will it actually get better? I mean, this isn't just a list of things that requires some spr right?

From: Erodic Saturday, June 21, 11:04PM

well, your chance of success in calm are affected...

how well you augment/poultice matters,

spirit also affects how well you sing.

however, lethargio, i think you're correct in saying that most of these skills just require a minimum amount of perc and it remains at that...

From: Lethargio Sunday, June 22, 03:18AM

spr, spr

From: Rufus Sunday, June 22, 11:06AM

Actually the ones i listed I took from a grep looking for the function we use to calculate spr into equations, the requirements are in a totally separate file and I didn't bother looking at those.

From: Lethargio Tuesday, June 24, 03:20AM

uh...so if someone has 100 spr, will their sugery be really good or something?


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