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Spellbook, why so confusing

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Posted by Demandred on 06/25

Why not alphabetize the spellbook for mages? It cerainly would make things easier to recall a spell we use only once in a while.


From: Claudia Monday, June 23, 02:11AM

And number them aswell, cause once it gets spammy, you tend to lose count of how many spells you've casted and how many are left to be casted. Or just add a total count at the bottom even -shrug-

- Claudia

From: Asilidae Monday, June 23, 05:00AM

Yeah! I got like 100 spells and its VERY difficult to match your spellbook with the allspells! Besides I still have something like 10 spells more in my spellbook then in my allspells. This is not very helpfull to newbie mages...of course they could just test all combos but that would take a considerable time (800+ combos I swiftly calculated it to)

I vote for an alfabetic ordered spellbook/allspells/skills


From: Charity Monday, June 23, 11:12AM

I'm curious about the 800+ combos thing. Math isn't my strong point, but I can't believe there are this many. Did you take into account the following rules?

- The first word must be first circle
- first circle words cannot be the second or third word in a combo
- third circle words cannot preceed a second circle word
in other words, the only valid combinations are 1, 12, 122, or 123. One of the new spells tosses a word after the ex I think, but that's the only exception to the rule.

From: Croaker Monday, June 23, 11:46AM

My quick calculation usings the combinations 1 12 122 123 133 comes up with 1260 possible combinations. Some math whiz check my math :P


From: Croaker Monday, June 23, 11:48AM

Of course, since you are limited to one school of magic and 4 first circle words, this is 840 per spell-caster Second circle mages are limited to only 200 combos (lucky them). Croaker

From: Kraken Monday, June 23, 12:29PM

For 4 verbs and 17 second and third circle words, I get (1) 4 (1 2), (1 3) 4-17 = 68 (1 2 2), (1 2 3), (1 3 3) 4-(17+16+...+1) = 612 for a total of 684 possible combos. Kraken

From: Kraken Monday, June 23, 12:35PM

Interpreting the two -'s as times, of course.

From: Charity Monday, June 23, 01:22PM

Ok ok i stand corrected. =) I guess the number of combos that make any kind of sense is a smaller number, but that can't really be quantified.

From: Mice Monday, June 23, 01:34PM

umm, in case people didn't notice, not all spells can be found in your allspells list. if you don't already know the spell combos, casting them in will likely come up with at least a spell or two not on allspells. thus, rendering the total number of spells in your spellbook a bit inaccurate and useless when comparing it to the total in your allspells list.


From: Aginor Monday, June 23, 03:18PM

ok, ill try to clear up how many spell combos there are possible combos are (1), (1 2), (1 2 2), (1 2 3), (1 3), and (1 3 3) there are 4 1st circle words, 7 2nd circle, and 10 3rd circle (with dyn as 3rd circle)

(1) 4
(1 2) 4x7=28
(1 2 2) 4x7x6=168, you cant use the same word twice, with one exception
(1 2 3) 4x7x10=280
(1 3) 4x10=40
(1 3 3) 4x10x9=360

added together, you get 880. And my math may even be right.


From: Croaker Monday, June 23, 08:35PM

OK, I went ahead and figured this out for real, since you're ALL wrong :P

In fact, there are 6 first circle words (even if you can't cast them all, I can :P). And you can duplicate the second or third circle word in the second and third positions for some spells i.e., 1 2(a) 2(a) or 1 2(b) 2(b) instead of 1 2(a) 2(b).

A third point is that if your pattern is 1 2 2 or 1 3 3 (but not 1 2 3) the second and third words are interchangeable. So 1 2(a) 2(b) is the same spell as 1 2(b) 2(a).

This means that there are less valid spell combinations then total combinations of the words.

So the math:

Pattern     6 1st     4 1st     Recursive
1              6         4           4
1 2           42        28
1 3           60        40
1 2 2        294       196       168 and 112
1 2 3        420       280
1 3 3        600       400       330 and 220

So there are 1296 total spell word combinations (for a total of 1026 total spells possible for an immort), and 948 total spell word combinations for a mortal (for a total of 684 total spells possible).

Hope this clears things up :)

-point Croaker-

From: Croaker Monday, June 23, 09:43PM

OK, so I guess Kraken had it right...

Good job Kraken !

I hope this helped, Demandred :P


From: Demandred Tuesday, June 24, 04:04PM

That was a very fun exercise, however, the original thread was discussing the possibility of alphabetizing the spellbook, which I firmly believe we need (especially since the combinations are so many). thanks all for all the input :)



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