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addition to a characters desc

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Posted by Orca on 06/25

Rather than the standard "has arrived from the east" and "leaves east", how about having an extra desc line allowing characters to "stagger (for mcdougan), dash (for the hyperactive), limp, crawl etc" :)

From: Lethargio Tuesday, June 24, 06:25PM

-nod-, I also wanted a desc for a certain attack like kick/bash/headbutt.. alsthough I think it would be difficult to code it (and lots of requests f or the imms too, maybe better suggest things like this after the skill tre es thing gets settled...


From: Charity Wednesday, June 25, 05:51PM

These are both ideas that have come up before. As far as I know, neither has been killed, but neither is on the current list of things to do either. The reason: custom messages for entering/leaving the room, and custom messages for skill attacks, adds a line of data to every playerfile (and i think also every mob file) in the game. Right now warcry is the only thing we have that does this... personally I can see adding enter/leave messages as well if the other technical issues about displaying those could be resolved... after all, every character walks around. But getting customized messages on other skills looks unlikely for now, since this is one of the things that makes warcry fun, and we really don't have the space for lots of others.

Incidentally, the reason Ptah's been able to add so many toggles to customize things (some of these are in now and some are still on the way) is because your yes/no choice can be stored as a bit number - so even though you get lots of new choices, it's only adding one number to the playerfiles. Custom messages are a similar 'design your own interface' feature, but unfortunately they'd take up lots of string space. =(


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