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Posted by Lethargio on 07/01

I think entrance is a good skill...except for that its practically useless on mages :P, could you either take out the break trans spell, or make it 1 combat tick so that we can waste their mana?

Or something,


From: Erodic Wednesday, June 25, 06:50PM

um, is there such a thing as a "break trance" spell?! everyone can break the entrance.

From: D'Archived Thursday, June 26, 01:26AM

didnt know that there was a break trance spell... thought you just typed'----' to break the trance. but even more a reason why that silly skill is pretty useless...

From: Orca Thursday, June 26, 03:41AM

yeah not much point in having more than 50 mind 50 spirit if from london or lima yet those stats just don't cut it for the entrance skill, even at 100 prestige i often found i'd be nearing the end of a tick by the time it worked. As for pkill, someone entranced me once, i managed to break the trance (by typing "wake") then headbutt him before his skill lag was up.

From: Lethargio Thursday, June 26, 06:24PM

oh, so it wasn't a spell...my bad well anyways, fix it...kinda sucks when its that useless... oh yeah, and why do mobs still do skills when they're in trance? :P

From: Tyche Thursday, June 26, 08:00PM

Cuz they're not skills, they're acts.

Besides, anything but kicks and some spells break the entrance.

From: Lethargio Saturday, June 28, 04:21AM

so...is anything being done to fix this? or is entrance just a silly little skill for fun?

maybe the people who feel that their ideas are being ignored feels that way because imms don't respond to the boards as much... maybe. (I know yer all busy revising the new system)


From: Erodic Saturday, June 28, 02:39PM

well, entrance has never been that great of a one-on-one skill. the best use of entrance has always been in groups.

for me, getting entranced was always just a little annoying more than anything else when fighting one person.

when fighting a group with an entrancer, though... ugh.

From: Ptah Sunday, June 29, 08:16PM

Actually, entrance is supposed to be the deadlist bardic skill on the mud, approximately as useful as stun. Obviously, it isn't right now and we'll see what we can do to fix that. :)


From: Lethargio Tuesday, July 01, 09:50PM

whee, an immortal responded -cheers-



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