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Posted by Asmodean on 07/04

I have a little problem here. Why is it the only game ever played is trivia? I see trivia play often but i never see capture the flag, newbie race to level 5, whois tag game, recalltag -i know its broken-, find the flag, or scavenger hunts. We have all the games yet all i ever see played is trivia. Some of us aren't trivia lovers ya know and its not something that we like to play, so could the PR immorts please add some spice to there gaming menu instead of, "Trivia, Trivia, Trivia."


-Asmodean, Rogue of Legend

From: Shalindra Wednesday, July 02, 09:58AM

You want to know why imms never run games? It's because of the resulting behavior of the players when they lose.

A few weeks ago, an immort friend of mine ran a game. During the whole thing, she kept getting harassing and obscene tells from disgruntled players who lost.

Gee, if people treated me like that when I gave my valuable time to run a game on request for jerks like this, I'd never bother to log on again, much less run a game.

If you want imms to run games, treat them nicer during and after the game. Instead of going 'this game sucks' when you lose, don't say anything at all. You're just proving what a complete idiot and sore loser you are when you do this. Not to mention driving off perfectly friendly and nice immorts.

Heck, don't harass the imms at all, if you don't like how they do somethin state it in a much nicer and clear manner than 'man, this sucks', which doesn't help solve problems at all. How receptive would YOU be to someone telling you that something you worked on for months 'sucked', with no other explanation?

I'm frankly sick of hearing people whine all the time, just whine, without even saying WHAT they're whining about. And, yes, there IS a difference between whining and stating your opinion. 'This sucks' is whining.

From: Croaker Wednesday, July 02, 01:32PM

Thanks, Shalindra :) I agree.

However, I will be glad to run Capture the Flag (clanned only) any night I am on that someone comes up with teams.

If I'm in a good mood and asked, I'll even run Flag Hunt.

I don't run recalltag because people cheat constantly and I don't like rewarding cheaters or even dealing with them.


From: Jefahn Wednesday, July 02, 04:45PM

-nod- run more flag hunts cuz thats the only game which gives the players who are 'not so quick' and 'not so smart' a chance!

From: Asmodean Thursday, July 03, 05:12PM

You say to state problems in a nice way, well fine, here it is. Croaker, myself and many others think your prizes are not worth the stakes in your capture the flag game. Now i think this game is a wonderful idea, i would love to play it, but its just not worth the chance of dying. I've seen better rewards for games where there is no chance of losing anything. I think to make this game a good one that will be played alot, we need the prizes up'd a bit or the exp lose taken away from it. If non-clanned can win stuff and not fear dying, why should we win less then what they win an and have the fear of dying too. Just my opionon and alot of others i've talked to. BTW, cool idea Croaker, needs a little work though.

-Asmodean, note that i didn't WHINE in this

From: Ptah Friday, July 04, 06:07PM

Flag hunts have been run on Legend for at least two years now, and the prize has always been just coupons... in general, I do not wish to give in-game benefits (like gold, or eq) to people for winning an OOC game, particularly one which favors high levels and repeat players in the way that flag hunts do...



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