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Posted by Orca on 07/02

Just wondering if it's a bug or whether there's a reason for headbutt to not "stagger" opponents in pkill as it works against mobs..

I wonder how many others are out who sacrificed perc or other stats for extra con and strength for a good headbutt when a headbutt from a 30 con mage is identical apart from there being a greater chance of stunning himself.

Just hope this can be changed or something, mages are near impossible to beat now without a tulsi save for getting a cheap kill from a paralyze.

As for the spell changes, well.. they're obviously out of whack, no kind of character should be able to take out a HOL mob in 2 rounds no matter the mana cost. The only drawback to being able to do damage like that shouldn't be just a boringly long wait to regen mana.

From: Rufus Wednesday, July 02, 05:35PM

Just looked at the code, players can be staggered as well, so what you've witnessed is bad luck, not a lack of a feature.

I was a bit shocked at your statement though. I think over 1/2 my clanned mort deaths were due mainly to staggering headbutts. I had to look though, considering I haven't played a clanned mort in about 6 months =P

Anyway, players can stagger players. End of sentence.


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