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Posted by Lethargio on 07/19

ok, well i see that con is unbalanced (especially for mages) so I have a idea to try to balance things out.

Lesse, 100 con/mind mages cirtainly would be the best right now, because they can headbutt good, their hit rate of headbutts are good, they have all the ac advantages, etc etc...

I was thinking make dex the stat again for hit rates...ok i know I know, if you do that it'll be the same thing before the changes...

Here how it is:
Instead of hit and miss for headbutts and bashes, make a thing where it actually backlashes if you don't have enough con or str (something like how stun backlashes)

ok well then, if you are a warrior fighting a con/mind mage, then you know that headbutts wouldn't do much against them, so you use bash, (because they will have a low str). against a str/mind mage... (is there such a thing?) you can use headbutt.

now since mages should have a large amount of mind, it would be impossible for mages to balance dex/con/str even though a warrior would be able to.

Ok, so what about mages with like 100 con/mind 60 str? If you were a warrior with 100 con/dex 60 str or something you would have trouble bashing and headbutting. In that case I suggest implimenting a skill for dex...hmm something like trip, I suppose.

I think this will balance things out...warriors will always be better at fighting than mages, and mages will actually have to rely on their spells now...(even though they STILL get the ac advantages and all)


From: Lethargio Sunday, June 15, 11:23AM

in pkill, you would have to know your opponents weakness and strong points to win, so I think it'll make it more exiting :)

oh by the way, make perc a lot more useful in dodge so it actually has some meaning for having it

From: Lethargio Sunday, June 15, 11:28AM

I'm appending my own post a lot...

Oh yes, and backstab hitting rates/para backstab occurences should be based on the opponents perc/your perc...oh wait did I post that already?

From: Rufus Sunday, June 15, 12:37PM

Oh how wrong you are. I did some extensive testing on my testmud last night, pkillwise, one on one chars. Never once did a str/dex char lose more than 40% hps (and only lost that 40% when he wasn't allowed to bash the opponent). In fact the str/dex ended up killing the dex/mind mage in 1 round.

Btw, we're working on balancing all of them. The above is ridiculous as well.

From: Lethargio Monday, June 16, 12:06PM

whoa, maybe if you let the mage use some spells...

From: Sandra Monday, June 16, 02:32PM

The mage did use spells, trust me.

From: Lethargio Tuesday, June 17, 01:49AM

no, like lower the damages so that the mage can actually do something instead of getting killed in 1 round

From: Mina Sunday, June 22, 07:26PM

one way I was thinking to make the percp people less underpowers might be to -gasp- give them back the ID snipe effect, since stun effect isn't even auto hit in the new system

just a though

From: Lethargio Saturday, July 19, 06:03AM

nah, all you need is it to snipe more often, it practically NEVER works, I heard that snipe was around 10%, maybe make it 20?


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