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Posted by Ptah on 07/24

OK, I have been absent a lot lately, so I don't know all the various players in this, even. But here's what I can say:

- We've traditionally tried to keep debates and stuff like that off the welcome board because the welcome board is just that, a welcome. We have important information that newbies should read on it. A board that gets too crowded tends not to get read as much. A board with a lot of message titles on it tends to make the critical posts get lost.

Since the welcome board is messages that are global in nature and of general interest, it naturally also attracts the flames, the complaints, the righteous rebellions, and anything else seeking a wide public forum. This makes obvious sense. However, doing this also harms the board's intended purpose.

Multiplying the number of boards in every inn seems a bad solution to me, since that will make matters even mroe confusing. The discussion board was put where it is now because right in the OOC was deemed too spammy a place to try to read and write. It used to be there, as I recall, and was moved as a result of player complaints.

As far as message erasures and everything else... I tried to get a policy instated a long time ago about publishing rules violations and giving names. It met substantial opposition, however, and the proposal was withdrawn. It does seem that the case of Svetlana in particular might have been clearer, at any rate, with such a visible record available for the perusal of all who care to take sides (this is not any sort of accusation against Svetlana or any sort of statement on her case--I really do NOT know enough about the case to make a judgement call on it, which is why when I got notes about it, I passed them off to others who would be better informed.)

As far as freedom of speech goes, well... I support it. I don't support harassment, as you know, or endless pointless accusations, or a climate of distrust, or rudeness, or other tacks which I see as essentially pointless, destructive, and frankly banal. Then again, some of the people who are most vocal in complaining complain mostly over me and their views on my management. :) So they may well feel that I am being hypocritical on that.

But my policy has always been to leave up messages critical of the mud staff unless they are harassing or overly insulting. If I objected to them, I generally did it in a tirade right back at the poster, and held plenty of lively arguments on chat. I think anyone who's been around long enough knows that they're more likely to get an argument than a gag order from me. I like arguing too much.

But I am not around. Kaige is quite acive behind the scenes, but I am not. And in fact I've discussed going formally inactive with numerous imms over the last few months. But so far nobody wants me to. Even if I am not able to devote time and energy here, they seem to want me to go on in the role I am now, which si to say occasional advice person and setting broad directions every once in a while, basically around as a resource but not actively interfering. A large part of this is because people say they don't know who else would get my job should I leave. -shrug- I don't know either, so here I am. And if you feel slighted, feel free to contact me. It may take a REALLY long time to get an answer but I'll try to make sure you get one, from somebody, if not from me.

This may not have been the answer you were looking for, but it's the only one I've got. :) And it's posted on both the discussion AND the welcome boards. :P


From: WhiteRose Thursday, July 24, 12:20AM


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