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Posted by Lethargio on 07/21

ok i spelled it wrong, but oh well

and idea came up that when someone dies, they should leave a thing, like a head, or tooth, something that'll show proof that you kill'em

(i might have posted this before)


From: Abigail Sunday, July 20, 12:49PM

Isn't the info enough? Leaving body parts is sick, Leth =P

From: Orca Sunday, July 20, 12:53PM

Well, i must be sick too :) i wanna take body parts to T'kalo and have him make some nifty stuff!

From: Lethargio Sunday, July 20, 04:02PM


From: Jen-Creature Monday, July 21, 01:48AM

that's gross -puke- but funny


From: Stick Monday, July 21, 04:56AM

Well, I think it might have been my idea, and it was that when you killed another player, there would be a special item available (like filets from mob corpses), say a tooth or something, that you could take from the corpse without the steal skill. (I don't know for sure, but I've gotten the impression that you can only loot corpses if both you and the corpse's previous owner are both clanned, and you need the steal skill.) Anyway, this tooth could then be added to a string of teeth or something to make a necklace you could wear that would say how many people you'd killed, and who, when you looked at it.

Just a thought, and not as gruesome as carrying around people's heads.


From: Abigail Monday, July 21, 11:08AM

I think the problem with this would be, and again this is my opinion, that pkill would turn into something like the 'whois game', in so much as people would randomly kill others just to say they had the most trophies. This, to me, would be a rather huge problem. Yes I'm clanned, but I'm also a roleplayer, and my pkill fights usually are a result of my role play with others. I'd rather not be subject to having to constantly watch my back because someone wants to collect the most trophies.

-Abigail MacDuff


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