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Posted by Starbiter on 07/25

In responce to Ptah's append:

logging peopls charecters are generally under control now. We just wanted to post this as to let people know how we felt

not for it to be denied or prove it true. it's very easy to bring up a dif er differnt subject, but what was said was that from our prospective Often times immorts have been plain out rude to us (thank you to Rufus who has been the first immort to stick to the subject of the text).

a responce to Belrix:

I agree, it would be nice if an immort asked us if we were multi-playing and it was garaunteed 100% to be honest.

However our admitence of the truth (which btw with me is 100% cause I don't multi-play) is not the subject, the subject was why is it nessisary to be rude and as of yet the best explanation (once again thank you rufus) is thatsome cases people get upset (on both sides).

as for the immorting stuff, what ever the situation is, UGA people keep applying cause as I said before this wasn't meant to incur the wrath of the immorts or ro rile up the people but just to let everyone know what is going on from our side.

From: Ptah Tuesday, July 22, 11:19AM

Just so you know, I don't think there is any real excuse for an immort to be rude, and don't particularly find it excusable for morts either. :)

Nor do I know of any sort of imm-UGA conflict whatsoever. I personally don't really know who exactly plays from UGA. We've had UGA folks here since the mud opened. I can't recall any instance of an immort application where site came up at all in the discussion.


From: WhiteRose Thursday, July 24, 12:20AM

Ummm maybe Northstar was wrong when I talked to her about this whole subject tonight, but isnt Tad a UGA player?????? If so, then I think that you are wrong about no UGA players Immorting...

Sorry Starbiter...

WR & Northstar

From: Kai Thursday, July 24, 06:29PM

Tad does not mud from the University of Georgia. He lives near us, and goes to a crappy school (-wink-) but he doesn't go to UGA>

Not so sorry,

Kai Androsia, grumpy old mage

From: Starbiter Friday, July 25, 04:39PM


I think that you are a bit mistaken (or northstar) Tad goes to A university about 60 miles away which equates to about an hour if I'm driving or 3 if kall drives. He would never consider him self a UGA player and being that we are at rival schools will probably take personal insults to it. So if I'm sorry but you are very very mistaken ;) ok bye

Star"Man tad is not what he seems"biter


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