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Posted by Penn on 07/26

Just a thought....

I think it would be good if the Curio shop proprietor was able to sell items after hours, to people who can get into the shop, ie using pick, or something.

I am suggesting this, mainly because it really bites having to wait until morning to get to where you want to go, especially if someone is waiting for you somewhere to go on an xp/eq run or something.

I am pretty sure that this has been proposed before, but I've never seen it brought up, and would like to know the answer.

Thanks for your time.


From: Ptah Tuesday, July 22, 11:21AM

The London revision, and Charity' coming South Seas revision, will likely alter some of the trans quests. The emphasis on the Curio Shop was purely because it was a tiny area and that was where one could get stuff. :) With a large London, that will change.


From: Zed Saturday, July 26, 11:27PM

and there are always "alternative" routes to anywhere on the mud as long as you're willing to spend the time and mv :)

-Zed (dead)


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