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Posted by Lirra on 07/23

After reading several postings on the welcome board concerning this topic, I think, after over two years experience of roleplaying on other games, that this topic needs some clarification.

Crossplaying, as it is defined - is the taking of IC knowledge from one character and OOCly transferring that knowledge to another of your characters for IC use. IE: Using OOC knowledge for IC purposes --big no no-- However... You -can- have two characters that have the same knowledge about a certain situation, if there were IC means of doing so. That is not crossplaying. If one character has an arguement with someone, and that someone tells another someone that they just had an argument with player X and rumors keep going until another of your characters ICly hears about the situation, then that is -not- crossplaying. Your character legitimately found out information that was passed through a chain of events.

I know for a fact it's a hard thing to keep balanced as well, having several alts on different games that are either related to each other in some way or know each other for various purposes, often times enemies of each other so that they do not have to interact often, or not at all.

Anyway, I think that's all I wanted to say, since I have had experience with this sort of stuff elseM, trying to keep everything situated and organized so the right people know the right organized so the right people know the right information, and making sure that those who should not know things, do not, all in an IC fashion.


From: Orca Wednesday, July 23, 10:06AM

As far as I know crossplaying's only illegal when it involves pkill. Considering it's near impossible to know whether one rented to bring in their clanned specifically due to having been alerted to some situation through their unclanned and crossplaying goes on so much in other forms like in obtaining eq, being levelled and well, almost always in certain quests that require a lot of help such as rudh. Perhaps that rule involving clanned should be lifted. (or should only those who're totally honest continue to be restricted by it?)


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