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Posted by Orca on 07/25

Thought i'd best say my piece 'before' the changes are made as to what i feel needs to be done to the fight system else I'd probably end up complaining about it later. :P

DEX (no matter what kind of fighter) should affect number of attacks for example 5 attacks at 20-30 dex, 10 at 100..

STR determines damroll capped at 2 or just double that of one with 20-30 strength.

PERC affects hitroll, (the only stat to affect ability to hit).

CON just hp's.

With this setup stun can remain as it is and the best hitters needn't hit just 50% of the time to compensate as it was during the last test period..

As for fight skills, it's just gonna suck if the only stunning skills are based only on con. So, as i've suggested before, how about if headbutt was con/dex combined (to connect!), warcry - con/str, bash dex/str, kick perc/dex.

Soo, how can constitution determine whether you connect with a headbutt? Well, ones constitution whether considered to be just tolerance for pain or like a kick boxer's shins that are hardened over time, generally comes from practice.

If that sounds like a lame reason, -shrug- I'd sacrifice realism for gameplay any day of the week. Just consider the dex mages being total headbutt bait to the con mages otherwise, and yes the con/dex non-mages will be better at it as they should be.

As for the damage cap, i'd love to see it go but i also don't think fights should end any quicker than they already do. Max attacks might have to be reduced? -shrug-

From: Orca Wednesday, July 23, 10:49AM

-whap self- max attacks needn't be reduced, AC as damage absorption can take care of the removal of the damage cap.

From: Damer Wednesday, July 23, 07:25PM

If attacks are based on dex and damage on str, what about a con mind fighter, they just hit 1 time for 1 damage and hope they get a stun?


From: Orca Wednesday, July 23, 07:27PM

dex and str would do double that of a con fighter whether the target's stunned or not, con would have double the hp's which works out fine at least in a 1 on 1 scenario, when multiple attackers or spells such as immolate are involved, con would have to do better. It's not perfect but an improvement on the last attempt. It really is near impossible to balance all fighter types as well as mages for every situation, would probably have to dump weapon proficiencies for it to be possible.

From: Belrix Thursday, July 24, 12:16AM

I think the ideas proposed are interesting, but by making dex the power stat again, its no better than the old system...

Ah well what do I know???

From: Orca Thursday, July 24, 03:23AM

umm, dex would give no more benefit than con or strength from what i said, in fact if fight skills were based on multiple stats and pre-reqs or some other change was made to weapons proficiencies, you should do just as well at 60 dex 60 con as you would at 100 dex with 20-30 con.

Anyways, i had another think about it and well, since mobs have specials that simply subtract HP's and there's sure to be other similar things that don't balance well with a big difference in hp's between fighter types, heh like healing for example. It'd be better if dex gave no more 50% more attacks, strength did 50% more damage and con would have 50% more hp's, like 12 vs 8 attacks, 400 vs 600 hp's.

Oh and Lethargio's idea was great, make damage spells take away a percentage from the max hp's of the target and con, dex and str mages would be totally balanced, even if they just stood there immolating each other.

From: Asilidae Thursday, July 24, 01:39PM

So what about a 100 str/con/dex against a 100 mind/con mage??? or even a 100/80/80 fighter against a mage??

you know as well as i that the mage would loose bigtime, esp if the fighter was smart enough to get a 100 mind sink on.

I think this is one of the biggest missed in the new system.

Just look at all the big clans ... they all got good fighters and they all got a 100 mind mage. Even if the fighter didnt use a sink he would still beat the mage who would hit nothing and do no damage since his str/dex would be on 20-30. Then he had to have some really highdam spells i might add. but then other more non-mutant fighters would get beaten easily.

So I think the max stats should be lowered so its not possible for someone to get 100 con/str/dex as it actually is now (your perc will in actually be negative then :)). Remember a mage have to have (3.circle):

100 mind, 100 fightstat, 40 perc, 40 spirit, 20 str (pref. 30 str), 40 con (if its not the fightstat, and dex doesnt matter (except if you wanna hit/ steal/ride ... and so on)

Before mages could cut straight throught a sink, but now a wise fighter can kill any mage, easily.


From: Manic Thursday, July 24, 01:51PM

Well, don't forget if a mage was to save mana just for cure critical, a con mage has double a plain old fighters hp's, a dex mage would be even better off unless healing's also changed to work on a % system as damage spells should.

-ponder- i think it'd work out ok, especially as a mage has so many more options to work with..

From: Manic Thursday, July 24, 01:58PM

oh i forgot, mages also have better AC and other things which generally unless your mage is left out of the fight won't be used in prepping all the non-mages due to the mana cost.

From: Wraith Friday, July 25, 01:44AM

I thought a mage's fight stat was his mind? (re: Asilidae) Also, doesn't magic sink use the mind of the person it's cast on now?

- Wraith


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