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Posted by Lethargio on 07/25

I was wondering...seems like magics do too much damage, for one reason if you don't have a high con level, then a few immolates could wipe you out. well, because dex doesn't help you at all to 'dodge' magics, would it be possible to make magics based on percentage than strict numbers?

From: Rufus Thursday, July 24, 08:33AM

So spells would take a % of the hps? So if immolate took 1/2 your hps each time, it could never actually kill an opponent? or 1/2 of the max each time (insert whatever number, i used 1/2 just because it's easy) so you'd get waxxed in 2 shots?

Hrm, seems reasonable in pkill, but what about mobs that have 2K hps? Seems that would make mages MORE powerful, not less so.

Keep in mind, we are planning on implementing saving throws and resistances/immunities to spells/types of attacks (such as flame) etc which should help balance things out a bit.


From: Manic Thursday, July 24, 10:51AM

Nah, just work from the max damage the spells already do, then subtract a certain % depending on the targets max hp's or even con, with damage reduction capped at a certain % depending on the hp difference of low vs high con players spells like immolate should still do enough to crispy fry low level mobs.. somewhere around 70-80 max rather than 100?

From: Rufus Thursday, July 24, 06:03PM

After a bit of reconstructing, the most powerful damaging spell (that affects one creature) is immolate which does:
25 + caster's mind/3 + 1-5 or a max of 25+33+5 or 63 hps of damage.

Stunned is a whole nother ballgame.


From: Manic Thursday, July 24, 07:09PM

-shrug- whatever, do we only get feedback when there's something needing correcting or to argue about? Are there no imms in the position to say, yeah that could work, will be considered or anything along those lines? -shrug- perhaps this's why the players feel they're wasting their time when offering suggestions.

I don't think anyone expects a lengthy response, just some kind of acknowledgement like Ptah gave regarding pick lock. (Just a single line "i see no reason why not...". Now, I doubt it'll ever be implemented but ya know, i don't really care.

At least i feel i was heard... Seems Ptah either needs to spend more time here or someone needs to take his place in making decisions. (and it's not just about the above but the way every little thing seems to require lengthy discussion slowing progress so drastically).

From: Lethargio Thursday, July 24, 08:11PM

I have to agree with manic, I posted quite a bit of suggestions, but very few have I got a responce from an immortal. It feels good to have an immortal respond, even if its a response saying that it probably wont work, because at least it seems that someone is listening.

Back to the topic, maybe the percentage thing would only work in pkill or something... I dunno

From: Orca Friday, July 25, 05:07AM

append 2 explains how it can work throughout the MUD, not just in pkill.. perhaps i didn't explain it well, just let me know and i'll try again (when i've woken up) :)


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