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Zandy's Mort Builder Plan

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Posted by Charity on 07/29

Zandy posted this to welcome, but since imms are trying to lead the way in using boards more wisely, we've moved it here for discussion. I had cut and paste, Zandy didn't... please address comments to him.
Okay, here's the plan, I'm looking for feedback on it:
To help the immortals get a feel for how mortal building will work AND to provide mortals a chance to get their feet wet without investing huge amounts of research, blood, sweat, and tears. (all of which go into areas in massive quantites) I've devised a neat-o idea. We (the immortals) have decided (tenatively -- depending on mortal response mainly) to offer mortals the opportunity to build a small (25 to 50 room) area for april 1st. This area is allowed to be based on pretty much anything, from the Simpson's to Star Trek, but equipment must stay in spec. These areas will be used for the April 1st mud, as well as pkill tourneys or something, but will not be implimented into the mud as a whole.

The immortals will use this project as a gauge of how successful a mortal builders plan would be... right now I just want some feedback on this, as well as some mud-mails if anyone would like to jump on an area idea now.

I will be heading up this project, the #1 rule is that you don't get to bother other builders. A couple of times a week, I will schedule time to be available, and to run the testmud for you if you wish. Is this clear? Let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to discuss at length here.


From: WuLong Friday, July 25, 08:29PM

I for one think it's a splendid idea. Count me in!


From: Alder Friday, July 25, 11:08PM

Sounds like a great idea to me, been mudding for 4 years and this mud and Arctic are the only two I've ever played that I would really like to build for. Will there be a zone spec file put on the ftp site with maybe a coupl templates of items/mobs/rooms to work off of? I've built for other muds, but every mud is a bit different in their setup.


From: Faramir Saturday, July 26, 07:58PM

I think this is a great idea and you can DEFINATLY count me in:)

- Faramir

From: Kinch Sunday, July 27, 07:06AM

Sounds like a great idea. I'm putting my hand up...count me in! While I'm here, I'd like to put forward a "concept" for the area. The area would be something along the lines of "the world's greatest gig."

In keeping with the themes of Legend, it could encompass bands and acts from all ages, as well as modern muso's both living and dead.

Mobs could then include performers, agents, groupies, paparrazi, movie stars, wannabes, and fans of all descriptions punks, mods, goths, rockers, hillbillies etc etc etc

Quests could involve gaining "access all area" passes, getting signed up to tour with the Beatles (for example) getting ripped off by promoters, convincing Buddy Holly not to get on THAT plane, making Mama Cass a ham sandwich, scoring a date with James Dean/Marilyn Monroe (insert name of favourite film star)...

Anyway, just an idea...I'll be happy with whatever is decided.



PS Sorry if the layout of the post is strange-it's my first ever append

From: Beam Sunday, July 27, 09:39AM

Couple questions here. First if its gonna be for april 1st none of it will count if you restore pfiles etc like you usually do right? So why would i it have to be in spec? I don't know exactly what you guys have in mind, bu but mort builders doing april fools seems kind of ironic. I would hope th you wouldn't restrict things to silly april fools stuff, that most likely would not be a permanent part of the mud.

I would like to hear a bit about how this is going to work, or what though thoughts you have given it.

What segment of the mud do you feel will be interested in this?

Those doing it to learn, or for kicks? Or for those serious builders that either don't want to be imms or feel they wouldn't be accepted.

Personally I think a lot of people interested would fall into the second category. So I'm wondering if these "mort builders" will be doing grunt w work, or will someone be able to submit a quality historical area, and hav have it put in the mud if its up to par?

I guess its just I was never to impressed with backwards mud etc, it just doesn't compare to the quality, and have had bad experiences with the last couple of pfile backup type holidays.



From: Beam Sunday, July 27, 09:59AM

Umm backwards mud being the theme they mud had one holiday

if i remember correctly.

From: Ptah Sunday, July 27, 11:50AM

This would be a way to test the waters for having a true mort builders program. So it doesn't have theme restrictions, and yes, the areas would only be in temporarily. But it would be a good way to learn. The in-spec requirement is so that those who are serious about it learn the specific restrictions under which imm builders have to work. So it's sort of like a trial version of a for-real mort builders thing.


From: Charity Sunday, July 27, 05:35PM

A bit more info... yes it's a trial version of a for-real mort builder thing. Mort builders would be people who are players, working on real Legend-themed areas. From what I've heard (and all this is tentative pending the April Fool's stuff) you'd just have to make sure your idea is appropriate for Legend, and isn't being worked on by someone else. You'd have building docs, a designated building imm or two who will work with the mort builders when you need help, and that's it. No deadlines, no one nagging you to finish what you'd promised, BUT your area couldn't be accepted for inclusion if it didn't meet our item/mob stat requirements.

I expect people will want to mostly do silly themes since it is April Fool's, and there's nothing wrong with that IMHO. Zandy and I talked and he feels that you can do a historical area if you want, but it cannot be the same area theme you would like to do as a real area for the mud... obviously, so folks who are here for that one day don't get an unfair preview of a coming real area. The mortal builder program would be open to anyone interested (though the level of support you get from Zandy or whomever might suffer if there are too many people needing help at once) so doing something 'impressive' or in a Legendary theme doesn't alter your chances of being a mort builder. And, frankly, good building is good building... you might be able to get a few chuckles out of people with descs like 'Captain Kirk is here, deciding which alien babe to seduce' but the best written April Fool's areas will stand out as best written, whether their theme is historical, legendary, or just plain silly.

From: Hastur Monday, July 28, 02:06AM

well, lord knows how many times ive tried to aply for immort ship here. Ive been immortred and build (and am in charge of the PR) on another mud and would LOVE to build over here.

i've sent in one area idea and might think up more
but you could DEFINATELY count me in for this
i even have a theme allready for a "silly" area
just my little bit

From: Rufus Monday, July 28, 12:06PM

Okay, there are some implied things in zandy's original post that need to be clarified.

The immorts do not all support the current status of the mort builder project, of which the april fools project is the current proposal for moving the project forward..

This post was not to say that such a thing as the mort builder project is a definite at this point, I made it clear that it was still in the planning stages, and it still is. This post was to foster discussions about such a project and get feedback (as per zandy's first line) from both imms and morts about their concerns.

I just wanted to make it clear that we are not currently ready to proceed without something beneficial and mutually acceptable between mortals and immorts, and if such a point cannot be reached through discussion, the project will likely be mothballed.

If you have any questions regarding the mort builder plan, its current status or any clarifications, feel free to contact me via e-mail mudmail, or speak to me online. All other imms should direct your questions to myself or the discussion board, or the builder board. Some of the implications in zandy's post were a bit premature and after talking to him, not intended. I want to make it very clear that we're still in the discussion stage as to whether such a project is feasible, and there is nothing set in stone as of yet.


From: FireStarter Tuesday, July 29, 12:13AM

I'm interested, if there's a list I'm probably on it already because Rufus had started a program and a few people were going to begin corresponding but it seemed to fall through. Count me in.

--FireStarter, who can definitely spell definitely

From: Lysandra Tuesday, July 29, 09:58PM

Well, whatever the current status of this proposal, I'm interested in it! This would be great practice for those of us considering real building one day--whenever we can reach that magical 50 mark. If this happens, are the mort builders going to work on one general theme, or will everyone get to pick their own mini-theme?

Sounds like fun--I hope it works out!


From: Rufus Tuesday, July 29, 11:05PM

Apparently another slight misunderstanding. I am in full support of the mort builder plan. Other immorts are not. we are currently hashing out the immort position between the immortals.



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