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Posted by Chaykin on 08/02

Hi there,

As I write this there's a rather heated debate on chat regarding the killing of innkeepers. One person killed two innkeepers near one another, and many feel this rude and/or unfair. By no means do I claim to know much about the nuances of Legend policy, but why can't the inns be made so that renting is possible without the innkepers present? There may be some point to preventing people from leaving the game if the keeper is absent, but if so it escapes me. Certainly it is less realistic if there's no one to give you your "room," but couldn't realism be sacrificed for the sake of solving an ongoing problem?

Would appreciate feedback. :)

Chaykin Doane

From: Lethargio Saturday, July 26, 05:41AM

I would be neat if innkeepers charged rent each time you rented a room, and if you kill a innkeeper you can like, rent for free. heh heh so killing a innkeeper would actually be a good thing.

of course, innkeepers would have to be as hard as..maybe ingersoll to prevent the constant absense of innkeepers

From: Orca Saturday, July 26, 06:37AM

I believe you'll be able to rent by camping in the future, probably restricted to outdoor rooms (excluding clan halls, no fight rooms etc) and would take enough time to setup camp to prevent clanned using it to escape too easily.

o'course it'll probably be a few years before it's implemented :P

From: Erodic Saturday, July 26, 09:01PM

well, often the killing of innkeepers is a clanned tactic to keep enemies from renting out during battle.

what if there was a flag that only required clanned to rent at an innkeeper while allowing non-clanned to rent as long as they're at an inn? wouldn't it just be a variation on the flag for ooc

From: Zandy Saturday, July 26, 10:39PM

nope, it'd be quite a bit more difficult than that. we'd have to build two innkeepers for every inn, and make one of them invisible and immortal... there's not a room flag for _this_is_an_inn, as that would be dumb.


From: Charity Sunday, July 27, 01:29AM

To explain a bit further, INNKEEPER is a flag just like SHOPKEEPER is... if the shopkeeper is dead, you can't buy stuff at his shop, likewise if an innkeeper is killed there is nothing to distinguish that room from any other, thus it's impossible to rent there.

From: Pegasus Sunday, July 27, 01:33AM

Maybe a flag for inn rooms would be a good idea? For whatever (future) purposes etc. I've never worked with mud code so i dunno all the ins and outs of the said idea. And if that's not desirable, surely a simple check if the player is clanned or not during the rent process could be added in? Ingersoll's inn doesn't require him to be alive in order to rent, so i guess there must be an invis immortal innkeeper there, it all comes down to more adapatable coding, you wouldn't need such things if better coding was in place.. but what do i know.


From: Ptah Sunday, July 27, 11:53AM

Many muds DO use a room flag for inns. We preferred the mob method because then the innkeepers could be killed, adding a new element to the mix. We didn't WANT innkeepers to always be easily available. But we ran into the problem with nebwies getting trapped. Perhaps one possibility is letting newbies rent if there is no innkeeper, but not higher levels who presumably know the mud.


From: Erodic Sunday, July 27, 12:58PM

good idea, ptah.

in response to pegasus' idea, i believe that every time era is supposed to have one immort innkeeper so that a player who knows the mud can ALWAYS have someplace to rent.

From: Morphine Wednesday, July 30, 12:48PM

Really, it wouldn't be all that hard IMHO... There's already a way to check if people are clanned in (for ooc and pkill stuff), so really, what's another innkeeper and one more flag? -shrug- and a few line of code?


From: Chaykin Thursday, July 31, 01:07AM

If it is indeed possible to change inns (through adding an invis keeper, or a room flag for inns etc.) so that newbies needn't have the keeper present in order to rent, without major code changes, I think it deserves consideration. Should the no-keeper rentability be based on level, or whether or not the person is clanned? I would favor the latter, since it's still a pain to be non-clanned and have the affairs of the clanned interfere with your rent place. The non-clanned are so for a reason!


From: Pegasus Saturday, August 02, 05:24AM

Uh, i forgot about this thread. In response to Erodic's post, i'm well aware about there being immort innkeepers with at least 1 in each time era, but that doesn't solve the initial problem at hand. Newbies still whine and cry when any innkeeper is dead, a lot of nebwies have no clue on how to get to another inn, be it one with an immortal innkeeper or not, and that's what i think the original problem was. Doesn't bother me if innkeepers die, i'll prolly groan about it if it inconveniences me, because i'm somewhat lazy. The idea of adding a new flag to rooms would allow innkeepers to be killed as a pkill tactic, or a jerk tactic (as some like to do it for 'fun') without affecting non-clanned's ability to rent, and yadda yadda yadda you get the point.



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