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Posted by Orca on 08/06

While the mort building idea is good, I've heard no complaints about the speed of which new areas are added, only of problems with current areas, mostly regarding quests, the stats, weight and rent of existing items and of of the lack of any decent items in many areas. -poke 3kg scalpel- -ponder Pierre- some day i'll find his long lost brother who tforms and preserves for a fee!

Anyways, most of the complaints are regarding just small things that really bug players yet despite the fix or change needed only requiring a few minutes, nothing's done leaving the players "whining?" over chat time and time again just making the MUD look bad to newcomers.

Things that personally bugged me for so long - the skill lag on scan, the min healing on first aid, the failure rate on entrance (and the way it and other things work from ticks rather than their own timer), no cap on prestige loss fleeing from wimpy mobs, how prestige affects rent, XP loss, newbie mv's, hp/mana regen rates, and sooo many others which mostly could be fixed in less time than it took to write this.

If i was a coder here, I'd be stating what I want to do and if there are no objections within a few days, they'd be implemented soon after. Why isn't this happening!?

From: Cap'nHaddock Sunday, July 27, 11:34AM

-ponder- Where to start? Well, as a player who has been playing here for well over 21/2 years, I've had the chance to see many changes go in that affect game play, some good, and some bad, in my perspective. I've seen weapons come and go, played with blinding wormys, had the chance to use entrance before there was a skills lag, had equipment that was way outa whack, etc... I think that over time the changes that have been made haven't all been for the benefit of the players, but have been done to bring the game to a level where everyone is more or less on the same playi field. Who can ever forget being entrance spammed during PKill??

I will say that I think much still needs to be changed, I think that there are other little things that should be brought closer into specs, but on the other hand there are things that I would like that would once again make the game unbalanced. I dream of the day when I can once again entrance spam the vamp, or I can go running around with my blinding wormy terrorizing the citizens of Klien.. But I think that day will never come.

There are real problems with items that need to be fixed, but there are things that players would love to see, that will never come about, like the no skills lag entrance, and no skills lag scan.

I just thought I'd add my 25 cents to this note..

Cap'nHaddock the old crusty sailor

From: Ptah Sunday, July 27, 11:55AM

Well, a large part of it, Orca, is that these are YOUR priorities, but not necessarily those of the people who are coding. Right now we have a dearth of active coders with lots of time to devote to the mud. Some are working on exactly the sorts of petty annoyances you describe. Ea! in particular on the larger problem of the fight system.

Some of the small changes you describe are also actually big changes. Like XP loss from death. That's a massive change to play balance. And there's controversy over it. Kaige for one would probably prefer to get rid of the cap on XP loss instead, on the grounds that things should\ not get easier the higher you go, but more difficult.

Right now our main energies are devoted towards the fight system code. And there's enough tricky balance problems in there that we haven't resolved yet that tackling other things which case balance problems is tough.


From: Orca Sunday, July 27, 12:01PM

Sure, they are mostly things i'd personally like to see changed but a whole lot are also shared by others, I mean anything that causes the players to complain time and again should be a priority.

As for the xp loss, do you really think at lower levels that 1/2 of all xp gained is reasonable when death comes about so often by no fault of the players? Whether it be due to lag or just one of many cases where one is attacked without warning by a mob that can kill you before you know you're fighting. -poke Roland, Warlord, Modthryth- not to mention all the other agg mobs one runs into just exploring without the aid of a reliable 0 lag scan you see on most MUDS.

In pkill, xp loss is the cause of just about every problem I know of simply making it nowhere near as fun as it could be. I posted on the warboard about it not long ago so no need to go over it again.


From: Lethargio Sunday, July 27, 08:13PM

Either make the skill lag on entrance shorter, or make it so that entrance will hit a good deal of the time...right now entrance is almost useless, imho

oh yeah, i think the cap on prestaige loss would be nice too make a hitroll bonus for perc!

why do i trip so much with dash when i have 100 dex?

of course, these are all my priorities -cackle-


From: Rummy Thursday, July 31, 02:33AM

In reference to Lethargio's post..

If you think entrance is useless you must be totally clueless :)


From: Orca Thursday, July 31, 05:25AM

It is useless or at least usually not worth the hassle using it solo, i guess you're referring to the flogging you gave the dis keeper with an extra doing nothing but entrance. Surgeon's need something for themselves and first aid is kinda pathetic for the stats or rent a surgeon requires.

From: Rei Wednesday, August 06, 09:06AM

With regard to mob specials being fail proof, I accidentally scrolled back to 'get all pot' instead of 'say stand', and Big Jim Southland went mad, and attacked me. I had 40 hp, and was down to 4 when I fled. He went for his snipe - and his flintlock jammed!! :)

Whoever factored that fail chance into Jim, thanks!

Rei Ayanami


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