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Ownership Question

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Posted by Cypher on 07/30

Please clear this up for me...

Okay, so with ownership only people who befriend you can get things from your corpse, now is this not true for clanned characters? Also I have stumbled across various objects left on the grund, but when I try to pick them up it says "This is not yours." Is this part of the ownership thing, and if so, how does this happen?

I don't know, just confused about what the facts are...


From: Joachim Monday, July 28, 04:22PM

If I recall correctly, only you or someone you befriend can remove an item from your corpse, in addition, if you're clanned, and the person whose corpse you want something from are clanned, you can use the steal skill to take things from the corpse. In either of the latter 2 cases, it remaines 'owned' by the person whose corpse it is. So if I befriend someone, and they take something from my corpse, and drop it, it remains owned, and therefore you can't take it.

From: Charity Tuesday, July 29, 09:29AM

Joachim is right in all particulars... part of Cypher's original question has to deal with a bug that exists in ownership. When a PC dies, if they don't come back to get their stuff, then when their corpse decays their gear will be on the ground and still owned by them. It is supposed to revert to being unowned (idea being, you've had plenty of time to claim your stuff if you wanted it).

If you encounter owned stuff on the ground, espeically at inns where the newbie clutter can pile up fast, let an immort know. We have permission from the imps to purge these items and replace them with identical, unowned items. I personally will do this whenever asked... as this is a sort of unusual circumstance, doing purge/loads is not in any immort's job description, so if someone else tells you they don't want to do that, please don't get upset with them. It's the sort of thing that would normally get an imm in deep trouble. =)


From: Cerrov Wednesday, July 30, 02:00PM

I've got a question about ownership, actually. I heard that one of the features of item ownership would be that a player could not junk an item owned by someone else. Is this true? What about looted items? Recently, there was a nasty situation where a strung item was looted and then later junked. If owned items can't be junked (which is how it should be), that wouldn't have been possible.


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