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when you die...

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Posted by Lethargio on 08/04

hmm i'd thought it would be pretty neat to add a infotell the moment someone dies, it could be like a request or something (last request, even)

What do you think?


From: Charity Thursday, July 31, 09:31AM

Huh? Maybe give an example. =)

From: Faia Thursday, July 31, 10:07AM

I think he means to have the person dying be able to info something at the moment of their death, rather than just a death message.

From: Govan Thursday, July 31, 04:15PM

You mean like the customizable warcry message? That's an excellent idea, only problem I could see is that it might take up alot of memory..I'll check to see

From: Pegasus Saturday, August 02, 05:35AM

I think he meant you info whatever you like, using the info command, then you die, which would take up very little memory :P

And to be honest, all this talk about taking up a lot of disk space with customizable strings, with the cost of disk space these days, it really shouldn't matter, i know the response to this will be, "But when you have x thousands of users each adding their own message, it soon takes up a lot of space" and "hdd's cost money".

Well i realise that, and if you want to dedicate money to the mud, that's your choice. If i wern't studying, and was full time employed, i'd be glad to donate stuff, but i'm not, so i can't :P You could probably pick up a second hand 1 gig hdd for pretty cheap i'm sure. If not, brand new (and bigger) ones don't cost that much anyway.

Peg - thats my 3 cents (including %50 interest)

From: Charity Saturday, August 02, 11:57PM

Last time we needed a new hard drive, I seem to recall that it took several weeks for the mud (and the imm accounts that allow us to keep doing work for the mud) to settle down to normal again. I wasn't the one doing the work of transferring all our files and reinstalling Linux and setting up new accounts, but SOMEONE had to do these things... so cost is not the motivating factor in trying to conserve hard drive space.

There is also the issue that we plan, someday, when the skill trees are done and the last memory leak found and the code has generally been prettied up and logically orgnaized and all that jazz, to release it publicly. My (admittedly vague) understanding is that code should be as efficient and elegant as possible. Adding in customizable _everythings_ might not be desirable.

As to the 'ok you're dead, now say something on info and THEN you'll get kicked out to the menu'... that's not real practical. What if they just sit there and don't enter a message until they get autorented? What if the message you want to send is in conflict with what the mud wants to do... killed by greed, Eva's chats, etc.


From: Pegasus Sunday, August 03, 01:29AM

I never liked the info idea at all myself, but anyway, back to the new hard drive dilemma. I dunno, to be honest, after you've installed linux once, it's so much easier the next time and any other time there after. And the whole transfer process should only take a day or day or 2, even less if you just mount a new drive as a slave drive -shrug- Sorry for arguing, but I couldn't help myself.


From: Orca Sunday, August 03, 09:41AM

why'd you need to reinstall anything? just add the new drive, copy everything over and rip out the old one.. i don't know if that's possible with Linux but if it isn't well, it's a load of #@$% :P -hug/mourn AmigaOS-

From: Lethargio Monday, August 04, 11:32AM

well i have an easier solution then...how about letting people do infos through being stunned then. that way when your stunned and know your gonna die, at least you have a chance to say something before you do.

it could mean increased spam from people who are just stunned from self headbutts, but you wont be able to recieve any messages so it probably wont be a problem...


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