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Posted by Crowe on 08/03


I was just thinking that it would be cool to have a sort of an emote function for channels...it might produce something like:

[Chat] Crowe mourns the dead!

It would make channels a little more versatile and perhaps more fun; I just don't know how tough it would be to code, though probably not too dissimilar from Lethargio's infodeath idea.


From: Erodic Friday, August 01, 03:26AM

actually, though, the imms had made it harder for people to fake channel messages (by doing stuff like putting a lot of spaces in a chat to make it look like a real info).

this kind of emote would just make that stuff really easy to fake, which would probably annoy some people an awful lot.

From: Tyche Friday, August 01, 07:38AM

Then just make the emote available on chat, since all the fakes are mostly for info

From: Pegasus Saturday, August 02, 05:43AM

The same code used to filter out long spaces could be applied to the emote channel aswell, if not, glue anyone who wants to be annoying i say.. :P

From: Charity Sunday, August 03, 12:15AM

If it happened, you'd pretty much have to allow it on info as well as auc,.. the original suggestion of mourns the dead shows that it would be wanted there too.

I think this idea is sorta neat... but then I'm thinking of neat things to do with it, and haven't stopped to think much about the ways it could be abused, or whether it would encourage a higher degree of spamminess than anyone can tolerate...


From: Pegasus Sunday, August 03, 01:37AM

I can't see how it'd be any more spammy then the way it is now. For example, when someone dies, you'd either info a message, or you'd emote it on info. And the abuse of it? Put it this way, it's exactly the same thing as a normal chat/info/auction, just without the ':' or whatever, which is tacked on after the name.


From: Crowe Sunday, August 03, 03:03AM

I can think of two ways to solve the problem of abuse, though there may be more:

1) Make the channel emote look slightly different enough that no one will be fooled by fakes, either by omitting the colon like Pegasus suggested, or changing the color configuration, or both.

2) Program the command to filter out messages that contain things like "killed by," "has advanced a level," or "is dead--he was wrecked on the reef!" I don't know how difficult this would be to code but it's a suggestion.

I still think this would be a really nice addition to channels.



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