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Posted by Arsene on 08/07

Okay, two things seem obvious to me. the first is Rufus and some other Imms/imps want changes in the system. The other is that a lot of people who are just players are concerned that the mud we call home, enjoy playing, and have a vested interest may not be able to live up to our expectations as before Mobs/skills/items/tohit/spells/potions and other things have changed, and frankly the test period aroused a lot of genuine concern in some frequent players. I have a small proposal.

I am fairly certain of two things, You are going tomake some signifigant changes, and a lot of people are goingto react.

what I would like to propose is a group of players who play here often KNOW how the system works, are able to question maturely, and have the interest of keeping Legend the best mud online should be allowed some form of input, forhand knowledege of planned changes, and be assured that they, their complaints, comments, and suggestions will be regarded. There are a lot of players who are here every day, and would not mind looking at, considering, and reviewing proposed changes. I am not asking for handing us veto power or anything, just a chance to have input, and try and help.

It would not be hard to find 10 or so ofus capable, and willing to cooperate.

(I think it would alsoshow that the staff here does care for our opinion some, and that it would contribute to a lot less complaining, boards and on channels, if we KNEW someone listened seriously.)

From: Chaykin Thursday, August 07, 01:26AM

So, sort of like a Mortal Council which has a chance to voice its opinions on immortal matters, eh?

Some immorts might say, 'If you want input into such things you should try to immort.' Unfortunately, there seems to be a measure of distrust between immortals and mortals these days that is growing. For whatever reason once a player crosses the line they lose some amount of their respect from mortals. So, perhaps a mortal council would be a good idea at this point. But who would get to belong, and who decides, how?


From: Arsene Thursday, August 07, 01:37AM

I think its not hard to figure out who plays, kills mobs, and knows the system well. Most of us arent that popular who arent imms with imms, but we still should have some voice.

From: ParticleMan Thursday, August 07, 06:02AM

Hmmmm, I never had any respect as a mortal, yet I think that my rapor with the morts is pretty good. I don't know if people think that I'm some high-falutin' snob or not. I personally think that anyone can bring anything to me at any time. If you think that I am a snob, please let me know. Then at least I can start acting like it!


From: Tyche Thursday, August 07, 07:06AM

Even though I'm not an immort (and I hope nobody thinks I am), I'd be interested in joining a "mort council" or whatever you want to call it. I've been around for a while and know the mud very well (don't whois me or you'll get a lot of spam). And ParticleMan, put some clothes on!

Wants to keep warcry con,


From: Rusalka Thursday, August 07, 05:40PM

Actually, there is a forum in which to be heard and to hear from imms about propose changes in the code and areas -- a) this board, and b) the web discussion page. In these, ALL players can be heard and heard from, rather than just a select few. In addition, if you all are interested, PR can run more real time forums on specific issues, such as has been already done fo underwater code changes (charity) and shadowlands (rufus). We're also all to mail, both email and mud mail and work hard to get upcoming changes into the LT (the upcoming skill tree are an excellent example of that)


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