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Posted by Arsene on 08/09

Well, channels and forums are fine, but not well organized.

Frankly, a lot of general public dont know the game as well as some of the rest of us, and smaller groups work better. You may have 20-50 people on at all times, but there is a core of constant players (non imm) who do most of the posting, complaining, suggesting here. We do feel ignored, maybe its why some of us yell so much, we dont hear anything till after, know little of what is happening now, and well some form of formal input, on a regular basis is not too much to ask for.

From: Ptah Friday, August 08, 06:20PM

Work up a plan for a method of formal player input and post it for comment


From: Asmodean Friday, August 08, 07:44PM

Is it just me or does whenver Arsene post anything it doesn't make any sense? Just something i noticed:P

-Asmodean, Follower of Allah

From: Eol Saturday, August 09, 02:40PM

makes sense to me.


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