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Posted by Charity on 08/14

This refers back to comments in recent posts on the discussion board, basically lamenting the number of 'useless' or 'just ac' items and wishing for more small stat-boost items that the newbies of repeat players could get, or that true newbies would be able to get for themselves.

My Roman Palestine area was going to have lots of little quests in it, all doable by any level of character, all yielding an item that's a +1 in an unusual wear slot. I thought it'd be a neat thing to do, a sort of low-level Seoni, with six small quests instead of one big quest... plus Roman citizens are, well, colorful characters and this would allow for lots of interaction with the mobs. =)

One of the reasons I never got more than 10% done with this area was that I suspected from the beginning that players would hate these items, and over time I've become more and more convinced of that. Why would you want a +1 item if asking your friend, or even just asking on auction when someone is doing an eq run, would get you a better stat item? My newbies always go get items like the woolen cap or a trusty dagger, and inevitably some high level player will hand me something 'better' that they have extra, cause those other items suck. Not that help is unappreciated =), but when everyone is saying low stat bonus eq is worthless, there's not much incentive to make any. Repeat players don't want it, and we aren't allowed to give away item stats or quest locations, which makes it hard to steer the true newbies into non-hometown areas where they could get eq for themselves.

If I'm wrong and people really would use low-stat items at low levels, please append and let me know.


From: Beam Sunday, August 10, 03:06AM

Hrm I used to use an item from tudor london that was 2 spirit or something, I used it because it was all I needed to get root and was low rent. I think as long as the rent is fair that the +1, +2, and +3 boost items will be appreciated, especially if they are unique to the slot. Ie there isn't something else thats better and just as easy to get, but even if there is easier stuff to get, theres always people that are right at their rent limits and don't need +5 items. I would stay away from the +1 overall items, but I think a +2 items with nice ac could be very popular, depending on the uniqueness of the slot etc.

From: Orca Sunday, August 10, 10:31AM

Well, yes.. currently people do go straight for the better items but I think that's mostly because AC doesn't help much and many of these items are on mobs that are a little tough for low levels that could make good use of them.

Considering one can rent a whole set of +5 overall eq by lvl 30-35 i think +1 items should be obtainable at about level 2, +2 at lvl 8, +3 at lvl 14, +4 at 20 something like that anyways, whatever rent allows throughout low levels.

Hp's/mana based on current con and mind is a big step in the right direction as far as levelling without the help of high levels is concerned but I think there's still a lot more to do.

From: Zelda Thursday, August 14, 08:32AM

I'd like to see a bigger range of low stat items that newbies can get, and the quests sound like a cool idea. I agree with Orca that theres lots of good newbie stuff around atm that doesn't get used much because by the time you can get it for yourself you can already rent better stuff, and newbies just tend to use whatever higher levels discard. Also, hopefully theres going to be more demand for a range of low-level gear when the new system comes in. As for the value of a +1 stat item, if it had a bit of ac as well, and was good value for the rent, it would probably be used.

Seems to me theres a big jump right now between really good low rent ac gear and high level stat gear. When ac becomes more important, items which offer good ac and a little stat bonus as well (for a bit of extra rent of course) might be in demand?


From: Tarbash Thursday, August 14, 06:51PM

When Paris was first implemented wasn't there some of that low rent +1 and +2 stat eq that the lady in the theatre sold? How come it has changed? If I remember right the WU Chen Ring was like a 2 or 3 spirit ring item that would have been a great item, but now its worthless... Just wondering why...



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