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medeocre stats

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Posted by Lethargio on 08/16

hmm part of the problem I'm seem to be having is that I have medeocre stats. Well its like, for instance, my mind is higher than fighters, but lower than mages. In my case, my mind wont do jack squat against fighters, nor protect me even a -little- from the mages spells.

So part of the problem might be that medeocre stats are still considered low against a high stat, which doesn't give any benefits for having 50 mind, or something like that.

Same applies for kicks headbutts and bashes too.

Did that make any sense?

From: Tad Friday, August 15, 11:49AM

Mediocre physical stats will help to defend against the various fighting specials under the new fight system (unless they've changed again)


From: Lethargio Saturday, August 16, 01:26AM



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