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another shop idea...

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Posted by Penn on 08/21

Just another idea for the shops here at Legend..

Maybe, just maybe, the shops could be set up to work like players, with unlimited rent, and set to save automatically, like the players do, so that when someone sells an item to a shopkeeper, like a wormy or stuff, the shop will keep the stuff, even after a crash? if the inventory isn't cleared from the shop within a certain time frame, (like 7 days irl), then the shopkeeper eats the stuff he can't sell.

Just a thougt. I'd be interested to know what y'all think.

Penn, who obviously has -way- too much spare time.

From: Ptah Saturday, August 16, 08:00PM

Since items are in infinite supply (repops continue after all) we'd need to make sure that they did not repop if they were in place in some shop's inventory. That means that they would only repop if the owner of the item was logged off... sort of a strange thing. I suspect it would cause problems.

Death to resets!



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