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Posted by Orca on 08/24

Just wondering if it's possible to lower the stun times on these skills.. Seems kinda silly mages have this all powerful ID spell that doesn't give xp or even eq in many cases when easy to build (in comparison) fighters can warcry/flee just about any mob that usually results in death for the target and at times without any hp loss.

I mentioned I solo'd Vlad on chat and Pman responded something along the lines of the mob changing..

I don't really care if he's made impossible to solo but don't you think the skills used to make it possible should be looked into rather than going to the trouble of fiddling with all these mob acts?

If warcry only stunned for a few rounds even with more frequency, there'd be no way i could kill him.. Plus it'd allow mobs to use these skills without the players complaining of a cheap death. Heh, imagine if mobs could talk.. 'Hey! that's not fair!'.

From: Morphine Sunday, August 24, 10:57AM

Damn, was -THIS- close to trading til you had to take the shirt out of it :(



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