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some stuff to make perc more useful...

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Posted by Lethargio on 08/24

well I think juggle is based on dex now...maybe make it based on perc? would make more sense...

make the occurences of para backstabs based on the opponents' perc

heh, morters and cannons that actually do more damage than guns :P

Yeah, so I'm biased


From: Joachim Sunday, August 17, 10:49AM

I seem to recall hearing that the chance of being backstabbed does depend on the victims perc....

From: Lethargio Friday, August 22, 02:56PM

thats weird. it doesn't seem to para at all even though i got like 40 more perc than other people :/

From: Morphine Sunday, August 24, 10:58AM

Wow, that's gonna be spammy if lots of people do that, IMHO



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