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Stopping fights

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Posted by Egami on 08/27

Why isn't there a stop command when you're attacking a stunned mob (--> or player)? Wouldn't it be more realistic rather than calming or fleeing? Of course, a raged char wouldn't be able to stop.

Just pondering the question...

Egami Shalizar, the Kagemusha.

From: Orca Monday, August 18, 07:00PM

mmm, on Duris you can disengage at any time when you're not tanking (so mages can memorize spells etc. before the fights over). yep, no meditating for 20 mins there.

From: Starbiter Wednesday, August 27, 11:42AM

I think it's a great idea for a skills tree skill. up one of the warrior trees.... that way they still suffer from skill delay(can't stun stop figh ting and then backstab) and it is still a mercyful act. even if it's avail able to pkiullers and only affectiv in pkill still a neat dea


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