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Posted by Plankton on 08/23

Well i think the title explains it, just thought i would mention that the latest edition of LT was one of the best yet... Especially the article on 'in Spec' items...

Perhaps imms could include more of the same sort of info.. eg another article on the number crunching in fights.

Plankton El'Hazrad the Beige.

From: Siegfried Saturday, August 23, 03:03PM

Arkenstone gave an excellent lecture on combat mechanics in '96. A transcript was on the website for a while, but its no longer there. If anyone wants a copy, mudmail your e-mail address to me. Of course, all that info will be superceded when the new fight system goes in, but until it does, a little knowledge can help you be a dangerous thing.

From: Ptah Saturday, August 23, 05:34PM

We lost Ark's article when the hacker got into our machine and we had to reformat the drive. :P We'd like to get a copy again to put back on the website...



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