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Posted by Lethargio on 08/31

Hmm, not much has been done to improve clan halls lately...

Well, i think that clan tokens should have a stat... or something that can encourage people to like, actually use it. maybe it could be a light source, like an orb or something, or it could have a +5 stat based on the clan's rp. It should be very easily scrapped, to prevent much usage of others, or something like that...

of course, clan halls wouldn't be safe anywhere if it was used this way...maybe someone could do something about that...

also how about shopkeepers in the halls? the keeper could sell bandages, food and such, and you can sell to him eq so you won't spam the hall

I was thinking of some kind of defense in the hall against intruders, maybe a mountable high dam bow or cannon or a mob thats agg against people other than your clan...well i think we talked about that long time ago...

From: Sandra Friday, August 22, 03:48PM

I'm trying to come up with ideas for the clan tokens. They probably won't be a stat boots, or even a light source, but will still be very risky to take out of the halls.

As for shopkeepers in the halls, one word comes to mind.. No =) Then people would never leave the halls! Being pk-enabled means taking some risk and not having everything totally easy =)

Anyway, I've some ideas for clans that you will be seeing soon, hopefully. So keep your eyes on the boards =)


From: Beam Friday, August 22, 10:03PM

Screw tokens, just give us clan channels without them. I must say some people have no imagination and are set in there ways. They would never leave their halls? hello, what would they sell if they never left. Halls have not had any new stuff since i been here, and I don't expect anything neat to be done to them. Take a look at some other muds and get some ideas or something.

From: Aeolus Monday, August 25, 10:21PM

How about just shopkeepers that sold limited food?

Or sold nothing in the matter.. but just as a person who one would be able to buy/sell items from.


From: Lethargio Tuesday, August 26, 05:24AM

I don't see how giving a shopkeeper would make people stay inside the clan halls...I mean, why would they just stay in the hall all day just because theres a shopkeeper? :P

From: Lagmonster Sunday, August 31, 01:06AM

Although it would be very convenient to have a bandage-seller in the hall, it is kinda fun sneaking out for bandages with couple hps left and bleeding...

As far as the token idea goes... if no stat boost, no light source.. how about making it a bag that holds infinite bandages? That way ... uhm, scratch infinite, but having it be a bag of sorts would be nice. If not, at least make it an emergency food-type, non- junkable, so if you are dying, you can at least eat it! Of course, if you were full, you're outta luck...


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